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Renewing My Pet Insurance Is Tesco Any Good?

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Renewing My Pet Insurance Is Tesco Any Good?

Postby culloden » Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:06 am

My pet insurance atm is with Direct line and im paying £31.50 per month, ive looked at the tesco bank insurance page and found that i am able to get the same sort of insurance for £12.50. i would like to know your experiences with tesco's pet insurance and am i better off staying with direct line?
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Renewing My Pet Insurance Is Tesco Any Good?

Postby sabino » Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:10 am

I have 2 cats insured with Tesco.

4 months ago the 9 month old was limping, injured, so we took her to the vets.

The vet was clueless, but did an X-ray and discovered she had been shot.

The operation and aftercare cost over £500. I claimed on Tesco insurance and they paid me my money back 3/4 weeks later minus a £50 excess fee. I had no problems or concerns other than the length of time it took them to pay me.
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Renewing My Pet Insurance Is Tesco Any Good?

Postby yates » Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:15 am

Tesco are just an insurance broker. All they do is use your details to set up a policy with an insurance company, and charge commission for doing so. I personally would ask Tesco which company they have put you with. If it is one of the major High Street insurers, they should be reputable, but it may be cheaper to get a quote directly from the company and cut out Tesco's commission. If you have not heard of the company, and they are not FSA registered, it might be an idea if you look elsewhere as you don't want problems if you make a claim.
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Renewing My Pet Insurance Is Tesco Any Good?

Postby leonie61 » Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:33 am

I really doubt that the cover is truly comparable in all aspects. I am with Tesco and cannot change because one of my 2 dogs, getting old now and came down with a complaint that will require on going treatment. When you change insurers the new one specifically excludes any existing conditions so you need to stay with your existing insurer if there is an on-going complaint. I have just put my first claim in, for over 400 quid so will soon find out how good they are. One thing i do note is that this is my 2nd year with Tesco and thought the first years premium was quite competitive, this current years' premium has gone up by about 30% (There were no claims in the 1st year so that is not why the premium went up so much). The obvious inference is that now that the dog is 10 the much lower premium last year was just to get you in with Teco and with a dog that is getting on you can expect hefty premium increases' each year as the risk increases'. But the watchword with pet insurance is to read the small print very carefully as any complaint in your animals past that required treatment will be considered as a preexisting complaint and not covered.
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Renewing My Pet Insurance Is Tesco Any Good?

Postby ber » Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:34 am

Just check the fine print to see that if they cover an expensive condition this year to the (say)maximum of 2,000 what happens at renewal. Many of the cheaper policies tend to exclude that condition and long term conditions at renewal where as the dearer ones like Petplan and M&S cover conditions for the life time of the animal to a set max.

Marks and Spencers came out well in a recent Which report. I am impressed with then with a dog with a recurring (and will continue) blood vessel tumour and there are no payment issues at all.

I learnt the hard way with a cheaper policy with a dog that got something really rare and obscure and once the 2000 was paid out we went into the second year and they excluded the condition and anything possible related to it. Spent 7000 in the end.
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Renewing My Pet Insurance Is Tesco Any Good?

Postby linton » Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:42 am

my cat is insured with tesco and i have to say they have been brilliant. He had struvite stones and was really poorly last year, they paid for all his treatment and medications which wouldve cost me over £1500 - I expected the cost of my cover to go up significantly but it went up by £1.09 , i now pay £6.19 for his cover - i wouldnt go anywhere else - and Teagan my cat agrees lol
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