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Question About Renters' Rights?

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Question About Renters' Rights?

Postby Garadun » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:05 am

I have a question that was brought up to me by my sister~N~Law

When she signed on application, She had put ''Terrier'' when asked what type of breed the dog was. When she found out that it was a ''Pitbull'' she called her home owners insurance to see if it covered it, Im guessing if the dog would bite someone or thing. Her home Insurance said no. Then she called my sister and gave her a 30 day notice 1 day after she paid her rent which was on 12/7/2012.

Now if my sister found a new place by this week and she moves out. Does the owner have to give the remaining/partial funds of the rent back? She lives in Sacramento, Ca.

Next question! The owner said she will be putting a for Rent sign on the Yard and she stated that she can let potential renters inside the home to be looked at while my sister is still within the 30 day period.
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Question About Renters' Rights?

Postby Sebastiano » Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:27 am

No, the December rent does not have to be paid back because your sister broke the lease terms. Under normal circumstances, rent is pro-rated. But this is an eviction. Landlrod has the right to show the place to prospective tenants while your sister is living there. Your sister has created a huge problem for the landlord, who will also keep her security deposit.
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Question About Renters' Rights?

Postby Porter » Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:10 am

Your felony rights are desperate by your state's rules. in many circumstances, while a construction that has leases in this is bought the recent proprietor could abide by the the signed leases. So if he agreed to a various 365 days lease the recent proprietor would be legally required to permit you reside. except the lease had an written out in it. Many leases comprise a clause that enables the landlord to offer 30-60 or ninety day notice while the construction is bought. So plenty relies upon on the lease checklist. He would possibly no longer choose to or you will possibly no longer choose to sign your self up for yet another 365 days understanding on the topic of the sale. What some month to month lease. meaning you will have approximately 30 days notice to depart. plenty relies upon on what the recent proprietor needs to do. Is the recent proprietor going to lease the placement out or flow in. would the recent proprietor advance your lease, Is the recent proprietor going to bypass apartment on the condominium. the recent proprietor, if the deal has already been signed, would possibly no longer enable this severe high quality guy to offer you any condo previous Oct.
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