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Puppy Bought At Six Weeks Dies Two Weeks Later?

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Puppy Bought At Six Weeks Dies Two Weeks Later?

Postby Donnchadh » Sun Oct 01, 2017 6:56 pm

Ok, sorry long post. I bought a doberman puppy three weeks ago.
She told me she was the runt.

When i arrived she was twice as small as her litter mates which were sold and leaving that day. They were only six weeks old. The puppies ribs were showing and belly extended. I asked about this and she says probably due to the fact she had wormed her the day before.
She said she was eating well and not nursing so she was fine to leave.

Within two days I took her to the vet. Was told she was very underweight which I knew and a stool sample came back and she was full of worms and had her de wormed, icky for a few days.

A day before she turned eight weeks I had her ears cropped, which I would never do again. Her blood work was fine and they did surgery. She came home active and happy. They next day she was very lethargic and her gums were very pale. Took her to my vet thinking she wasn't well because of the ear crop.
By the time we arrived she was doing better and the vet said that we need to keep giving her the pain and antibiotics and she will be fine.

That whole day she did fine. The next morning she seemed worse. Not only was she lethargic but her heart was beating so fast it couldn't be measured. So we rushed her to the after hours emergency clinic. They took her back and said she was very dehydrated and couldn't bring her heart rate down. They did more blood work and it came back saying her liver was failing. They said they would keep her overnight hooked to fluids then take her to our vet in morning. When I went to pick her up, she had just had a seizure. We took her straight over to our vet. They said they would try to save her but it didn't look good. I got a call in the evening that she passed away.

She was eight weeks and two days old. She was only eight pounds. Within two weeks I put over $1300 into her.

The contract I signed stated to take her to the vet within seven days. If there was any congenital defects, send all paperwork from doctor and she will replace puppy but not responsible for any vet bills.

I was also given a pamphlet for a free month trial on dog insurance. If anything happened they would cover 90%. It said pup had to be at least eight weeks old and the breeder should of known this.

Ok, first off, yes I knew she was the runt but was told she was healthy and I felt being away from her bigger siblings would be good for her since she could eat alone.

I recently found out that in my state, Indiana, it is against the law to sell a puppy or kitten under eight weeks of age.
I think this would make the contract null and void and I should be reimbursed. Not only was it expensive. But i went through hell the last few days with the puppy and even the insurance wasn't available because of puppy's age.


I checked with the police in her county and they verified that it is against the law. I cant afford a lawyer. Does anyone think I have a good chance of getting most of this back. I'm doing this for others also so it doesn't happen to anyone else.. Any opinions appreciated. Thanks
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Puppy Bought At Six Weeks Dies Two Weeks Later?

Postby Colquhoun » Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:40 pm

It's all the breeders fault!! The breeders do crazy things to make the dogs smaller and stuff like that.
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Puppy Bought At Six Weeks Dies Two Weeks Later?

Postby Zacharia » Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:57 pm

Fun fact, no longer all domestic dogs in a litter are continuously the identical age. If the feminine 'bought around' for the period of her heat some puppies could were conceived on the primary day for instance, and a few on the last day of her heat. But when the first puppy is ready to be born, every person will get to be born, wither or no longer they're capable, so she may just very well have been every week or two younger than her siblings resulting in her poor health and dimension. That is why it is so very very main to get a just right breeder and not some back water again yard breeder inclined to place a domestic dogs life at chance like this, if they knew what they had been doing they on no account would have offered her. That you would be able to most likely take this individual to small claims court with no lawyer in the event that they refuse to reimburse you. I'd carry all of your clinical files, statements from the vet and the officer you spoke with and potentially a print out of the states laws involving the problem and ask in your a reimbursement. If they refuse, threaten with small claims court, if they nonetheless refuse comply with by way of and take em to courtroom. Good good fortune
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Puppy Bought At Six Weeks Dies Two Weeks Later?

Postby Cadwallader » Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:05 am

You can try to get some money back in small claims court, but a big problem is that you purchased a puppy that was too young.
Anyone who has done even minimal research into buying any breed of dog knows that six weeks is much too young to buy a puppy, so you had contributed to the problem.
Since you're partially at fault, you wouldn't get all of your money back.

I'm sorry that your pup died.
It's very easy to get attached to a puppy or kitten in a very short time, and to watch it die is heartbreaking.

Next time you want to get a pet, though, I advise you to do a LOT of research.
If you want a specific breed, then make sure to research that breed.
Dobermans are not really a good dog for beginners.

Personally, I won't get a puppy or kitten unless it's at least 10 weeks old, or unless its mom has died and the baby needs to be fostered.
Most of them aren't even fully weaned at that age.
Yes, they are very appealing when they are so young, but they should stay with their mom until they are AT LEAST 8 weeks, and 10 is better.
It's not just a matter of weaning, the puppies and kittens need to learn some social behaviors from the mother.
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