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Is It Possible For A Full Blooded Pitbull To Have Dalmation Spots?

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Is It Possible For A Full Blooded Pitbull To Have Dalmation Spots?

Postby Donahue » Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:02 am

I have adopted a full blooded pitbull but she looks like a dalmation when i took her 2 the vet instead of asking what breed she was they just put dalmation and they dont believe that she is full blooded pit what do i do how do i make them change the breed and is it possible for a full blooded pitbull to have dalmation spots
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Is It Possible For A Full Blooded Pitbull To Have Dalmation Spots?

Postby Tawnya » Sun Sep 17, 2017 6:00 am

First of to clarify: The American pit bull (called "pit bull" for short and "American pit bull terrier" by dog breed registries) is a pure breed of dog. In fact, they are one of the oldest and purest of dog breeds.

The coat is glossy, smooth, short, and slightly stiff and can be ANY color except merle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Pi...
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Is It Possible For A Full Blooded Pitbull To Have Dalmation Spots?

Postby Earwin » Fri Sep 22, 2017 5:44 pm

Depends on what you are calling a "pit".

Pit-types and pit mixes can carry the piebald gene (the one that causes spots), yes.

Why do you care what the vet put down as her breed? Why are you sure it's a pit, as pit is not even a breed but rather a group of breeds and mixes with some similar characteristics? Unless you have an AKC-registered APBT, you have no assurance that your dog is a 'full-blooded pit".
As you got your beloved pet from a rescue or shelter, I'd doubt she's likely to be a registered APBT, even if her head looks quite pitty to you.

Personally, although I'm pretty sure that my dog is a pit-cross of some sort, I NEVER let anyone in an official capacity write that down on any document. (I've even had rabies certs re-done to get that pit label off her records!) With BSL going the way it is, I don't want any 'official' record declaring her to be a banned breed. Even if Pit-types are not banned where you live today, they could be banned at any time. And what if you ever move to an area with BSL? Furthermore, many landlords and insurers will disallow pits and pit-types. I'd let the vet write down Dalmatian or Dalmatian-cross if I were you, as it makes your life much easier!

ETA: If the parents were both registered, why is the puppy not registered? If this issue is so important to you, have your relative register her and bring that paper to the vet when you receive it.

I know you think that you are safe from BSL, but you aren't. No one is.
Laws change all the time!

Do you ever travel with the dog? Even stopping to let the dog relieve himself by the side of the road or getting a traffic ticket with the dog in the car in a BSL area can get your dog seized.
And even if you don't have BSL and don't travel with your dog, simple things like getting homeowner's insurance are difficult if your dog is listed as a pit or pit type. If you lie about the dog or fail to disclose that you own one, that is insurance fraud and your entire policy can be canceled if the insurer ever finds out you have a pit or pit-type.

I don't mean to sound like an hysteric about BSL, but it is very real, increasing, and a risk to any dog who even resembles a banned breed, let alone one who is registered as one.
Where I live, 'dangerous dog' licenses cost $800 a year, for example-pits are on that list.
I hope you never run into a BSL problem, but even without BSL, there are liabilities to these breeds through insurance and landlords, boarding facilities, etc. I'm just being realistic. Up to you how you want to proceed, however.
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Is It Possible For A Full Blooded Pitbull To Have Dalmation Spots?

Postby Jarah » Mon Sep 25, 2017 5:31 pm

Actually Jessie you are being hysteric. BSL doesn't apply to non resident dogs any more than stupid laws that pertain to cropping and docking apply to dogs who are in the area for conformation shows or work events.

Yes its possible for a PUREBRED APBT to have spotting either through the gene for piebald or irish spotting.

Any and all colors and markings EXCEPT merle are acceptable within the breed.
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