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Poll: Was My Boss Right To Fire Me?

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Poll: Was My Boss Right To Fire Me?

Postby Aksel » Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:12 am

I was working for about three weeks at a hotel, even though I was only meant to be a housekeeper, I was also told to do waitressing work and cleaning, even though I was not told of this, and the other housekeepers didn't have to.

The job was a trail, for three months, I was informed that after three months my trial would be reviewed and evaluated to see if I was a good person for the job, and they would also have given me extra skills to put on my CV.

However, after about a week, the other staff stopped following me, like they were meant to, to see if I was doing anything wrong and if I was cleaning the rooms properly, they were meant to follow me constantly, but they didn't.

I cleaned the rooms and ordered the laundry room exactly as I was shown by my sister-in-law who is the other housekeeper at the hotel.

I also worked longer hours than the other housekeepers and cos I'm only eighteen I was only paid £4.88 an hour.

Coming back from work one day I fell off my pushbike whilst going round a orner, and landed awkwardly onto my back, it hurt so much I was in tears, and the next day I couldn't physically move out of bed in the morning, I got up in the afternoon but it hurt all day and for the next few days. I texted both the manager Sophie and a senior staff member Dani. I told them what had happened and apologised for any inconvenience, Dani just replied "OK" which was weird as usually she will phone you up and talk for ages. I didn't hear from Sophie til later on in the day, she just left an answerphone message, saying "I'm sorry to hear about your back, but we're not covered by insurance for back related injuries, so have the rest of the week off" I thought well that's fair enough, but here's where it ot weird, in the same message it seemed like she suddenly changed her tune, saying "We've reviewed your trial and decided your not the person for the job, we've had numerous complaints about your housekeeping, and the laundry room is filthy." I was stunned how she would say two completely different things in the same message, and really confused.

I asked my sister in law what had happened, as Sophie said numerous complaints, however when I texted her to ask about it she could only think of two and didn't actually tell me what they said. My sister in law said there was rubbish and towels and bedlinen all over the floor in the laundry room, NOT how I left it! If there had been any complaints about the rooms surely they should tell me straight away and show me the problems?

I'm not sure what to do now, as I'm definetly not working there again, but I don't think that they had reason to fire me. I've since found out that they getting new people coming over from Bulgaria, where the majority of the staff are from, and my sister in law said it was conveniant how they used me for cheap labour then waited to fire me til she had come back off holiday and they were getting new staff whom they could exploit as they don't know any better.

I've got a good mind to report them, as they pay the Bulgarian staff hardly any money, much much less than they paid me, the Bulgarians live on the site and in the rooms that are meant to be for customers, but Sophie still charges them really high rent, and a couple of them let slip to me that they don't have VISA's or National Insurance numbers, they also work over eighty hours a week for hardly any money, which I'ms ure is illegal. I think they don't know any better as she is giving them a roof over their heads, albeit an expensive one.

One of them also sits around doing nothing, smoking cigarettes outside all the time, he was the main one who just sat bossing me around all the time and moaning at me, which I felt was really unfair.

Do you think my boss was right to fire me? As I'm confused about the whole situation and not entirely sure as to what I have done wrong.


I had to text because:

Sophie is always in meetings and is furious if people call.

Dani always told me to text and never call as she can't hear it in the kitchens.

I was told by all of them that if I had any queries to text them and not ring them.
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Poll: Was My Boss Right To Fire Me?

Postby Helton » Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:33 pm

im not reading all that. just give me 2 points!
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Poll: Was My Boss Right To Fire Me?

Postby bayarde52 » Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:38 am

I am sure as hell not reading all of that.
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Poll: Was My Boss Right To Fire Me?

Postby Tibalt » Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:55 pm

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Poll: Was My Boss Right To Fire Me?

Postby Liam » Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:26 am

Your 18 and I know your upset. Do whatever you like if you want to report them. However if those managers acted that way to you. Ask your sister in law first. So her job is not threatened.

Just remember anther job will come along. You will be fine.

And to answer your question No they were not right to fire you.
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Poll: Was My Boss Right To Fire Me?

Postby Barraq » Fri Oct 06, 2017 5:03 pm

Your sister-in-law is out to get you. She probably messed up the rooms after you cleaned them.
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Poll: Was My Boss Right To Fire Me?

Postby Tucker » Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:09 am

So... I will not be as stupidly cynical as the rest of the idiots who answered your question to gain points. And no, I don't think it was right for you to be fired.

You were legit-ly hurt, and thus you are entitled to at least unpaid sick leave to get better, this should not have affected your trial. As well as this, it seems that they had decided before you got hurt to fire you. This is apparently due to your "shoddy" service, which you claim was not as such, correct? If they are a decently run company, you should have at least had a warning during your trial period about your "bad service".

So basically I agree with you on the fact that they just hired you cheap as a place-keeper for their other foreign staff.

Concerning the other staff, that is illegal! Not just the fact that they're not even citizens or legit for working there, but because they are getting paid so little for as much work as they're doing. I know for a fact there is a limit on hours worked, before overtime is paid, and it is way less than the 80 odd hours you mentioned.

My solution? Personally, I would report the organisation, because they are just going to expliot people like you over and over again. I agree with you on the fact that you wouldn't want to continue working there anyway, so try and get them in as much trouble with law enforcement as you can because they are a pathetic bunch of idiots who need to realise they can't ruin other people's lives like this.

Perfect outcome would be for the place to shut down, and then your sister-in-law would also be out of a job, which solves half of your problem with her being out to get you :)

By the way, I do appologize for my essay of an answer.
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Poll: Was My Boss Right To Fire Me?

Postby odhert48 » Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:06 am

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