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Please Read...what Do You Think Of My Book/movie Idea?

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Please Read...what Do You Think Of My Book/movie Idea?

Postby Chango » Sat Sep 23, 2017 7:16 pm

I know its long but please...

I'm 15 and an aspiring writer/actress with previous journalism and acting experience.

Ren Parker is a struggling 25-year-old surgery student with custody of her Asperger?s syndrome brother (16 year old Ty), after her religious zealot mother Patricia poured acid on her arms after discovering a condom in her wardrobe when she was fifteen. After losing her job, Ren and Ty spend a night on the streets, homeless. Mistaken for a prostitute, a man gets into a fight with Ty. Ty is badly injured. She takes them to stay at a homeless shelter ? she leaves Ty. She returns to the streets and reluctantly joins the world of prostitution. This is able to afford her rent a small apartment ? albeit far away from her school. Attending various unsuccessful job interviews, she continues this routine

(school ? Ty ? ?work?) for a few weeks, until she and Ty catch the subway to visit their mother in hospital (she lives in a mental institution). On the subway, a recent client recognizes Ren, and makes several derogatory comments towards her. Her prostitution reveals itself to Ty and he tells their mother. Patricia shows her disdain for Ren?s life (even spitting at her at one point). Ren and Ty return home. Ty confronts her ? bashing her half to death before storming out the door (to go smoke marijuana, like he often does). Ren calls 911 and gets to hospital. She recovers quickly, although a young doctor (Simon Hasting) is concerned that Ren is a victim of domestic violence. She returns from hospital to see Ty. He apologizes. During her next ?session? with a client, he gets agitated and begins bashing her head against the wall (this takes place in a public bathroom). A bystander intervenes and takes her to hospital. Simon Hasting sees to her concussion, this time confronting her about his suspicions. Ren ensures him that she isn?t suffering from domestic violence ? claiming that she?s an unlucky girl with a penchant for serious accidents. The two begin a relationship ? although initially, Simon only asks her out to see that his suspicions were false, he eventually falls in love with Ren. A journalist posing as a client uses Ren?s story (the deep-rooted effects of the American recession, ie. Losing your job, homelessness, leading to prostitution, drugs etc.) The story is a success ? and is aired on local media. Simon confronts her ? offering money so she can get back on her feet. They break up, although Simon is remorseful and says that she has to do what she has to do. She graduates from medical school and Simon recommends her for a surgery position at his hospital, and she narrowly is hired. Elated, Ren tries to build her life. Unpacking furniture in her new apartment, she receives a call from the hospital that she is needed to perform surgery on a 16-year-old boy (who reminds her of Ty). After the surgery is a success, she drinks in her office with Simon, until Ren receives a call saying that her mother attempted suicide and is near death. Close to falling apart, Simon consoles her - telling her she?s going to go to the hospital and let Patricia now that it was all worth it, the loss, the pain, and the sadness, because she was okay now. She asks Simon how will her mother believe her. He tells her, ?because its true?.
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Please Read...what Do You Think Of My Book/movie Idea?

Postby Gwylim » Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:19 pm

It should be a movie!
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Please Read...what Do You Think Of My Book/movie Idea?

Postby storm81 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 7:02 am

I love where your going with this.
Do more research, get deeper into each character.
Stories like this can inspire people and that in itself is priceless.
Thanks for sharing.
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Please Read...what Do You Think Of My Book/movie Idea?

Postby anton » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:53 am

It actually sounds surprisingly regional and refreshing, especially for a 15 year old.

Definitely stick to your aspirations. The ONLY way it will work out for you is if you spend your entire life being dedicated!!!!!!!
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