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Please Help With This Situation At My Home?

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Please Help With This Situation At My Home?

Postby Justis » Tue Sep 09, 2014 7:37 pm

My family and I have been having issues for years. However, my parents never acknowlege their part and always make things my fault. For example, me and my little neice and nephew were playing the Wii, but stopped because my neice went to the bathroom. My mentally and physically disabled little brother then decided to to take the remote and change it to a TV program he wanted to watch. I told him he could use another TV and that it wasn't polite to change it when it was being used. He went ballistic and attacked me, biting me a ripping out my hair. My parents don't punish him. I think they took away the wii for a few days, but my mom told me how they dealt with him was none of my business and they wouldn't tell me what they did. I want to know because I want this type of behavior stopped. They haven't made him apologize.

My mom informed me I couldn't be living in the house anymore the other day. The problem is I have no money and have had some major medical problems (four surgeries in the past two years without medical insurance) She wants me to move into the basement of a house my brother owns. His in-laws are renting the upstairs, and my brother and his family will be there for about a month, as well. The thing is that they will have to find renters in May, because his in-laws are going to move. I think that I will be able to move back in May. I want to move because it is a bad situation, but I am not able to make it on my own yet because I only have a part time job. My mom said I only have a week. I think it would be a hassle to move twice in three months, and it won't fix anything.

What do I do?
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Please Help With This Situation At My Home?

Postby Shepley » Tue Sep 09, 2014 10:19 pm

Questioning anyone's parenting decisions is a no-win situation. At the least they'll be offended.

It isn't clear why you would have to move when the in-laws do; if your brother doesn't need to rent the whole house, wouldn't you be able to stay in the basement? (Is the basement large enough to share with another renter?) If you'll have to move in May, why not consider looking at roommate or subletting ads now to avoid having to move twice? (I saw an ad a few months ago for free room and board in return for managing a house being rented. Point is, there are options out there. You may even want to post an ad locally for what you want.) And you might want to seriously consider whether moving back home is a good idea since you know it won't fix anything. Get settled somewhere where you can focus on your health and future.

If you have medical issues, have you looked into state/federal resources? Benefits.gov is one resource that you might want to look into.
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