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Please Help. I Am Living With A Bipolar Mom!!!!?

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Please Help. I Am Living With A Bipolar Mom!!!!?

Postby Caleb » Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:39 am

Okay so I am 19 and I have been living with a bipolar mom all my life but did not notice until I was 18yrs old. She is ruining my life and I feel trapped. 1st we live in a low income home and my only way to get out is through college, I always wanted to go out of state college but it was expensive but I didn't care, she harassed me so much threatening to give all my stuff away when I came back, that I was going to get rapped and die etc. so I gave in and decided to enroll in this stupid university that I dropped out of before I got in and now Im going to a private school, I wanted a dorm but it was to expensive.

It is terrible I cannot move out because my jobs is bad and right now I am going to look for a 2nd one while being a full time student so I may hopefully get out.It happens every day she is manic then depressive and refuses to believe she is bipolar, she thinks we're saying she is crazy. She no longer has health insurance so we cannot see the physician to hopefully get her medication. She puts curses on my dad and my brother and sister, "go to hell" to me and "I wished I had a abortion" to my older sister. When growing up she use to go on about how she hated her mother for physical and mental abuse but is always mentally abusing us. I am the youngest, and when growing up her and my sister were always together until my sister ( now 23) grew up,( actually she is afraid to let go and so harass and curse us if we "behave like adults" or if we are "growing up") I felt bad for her so I started to hang out with her.

I feel it was the biggest mistake in my life, when I was 12yrs I promised her we would go travailing through Europe and now I have my dear boyfriend for 4 yrs ( house burned down so was staying with us for 4 months) he sees me suffer so tells me I have my own life so live it. She sees it as I am going to abandon her so tells me stuff like " you changes" "you never keep your promise" etc.

I can't take it anymore I seriously have days where I pray to God to kill me because I am to much of a coward to kill myself.I feel trapped my family has this stupid culture from our native country if a girl lives with a boy with marriage she will be labeled a whore a dishonored, so IDK if I can move with my bf.

What do I do? I don't want to seem like I am complaining; I know she is my mother and I love her but this is destroying my life, she won't listen or change.

Help!!! any story's or advice?

( sorry there is a lot more but not enough characters to write it all out)
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Please Help. I Am Living With A Bipolar Mom!!!!?

Postby Hrycg » Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:17 am

The way out is to walk through the front door of the house.
Either do it or don't do it.
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Please Help. I Am Living With A Bipolar Mom!!!!?

Postby Cham » Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:03 am


There are special kind of medication for bipolar manic disorder and they are very usefull.

I know people who are lioving a normal life now.

please just go to a cunsultant. and ask for help.
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Please Help. I Am Living With A Bipolar Mom!!!!?

Postby Fowler » Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:38 am

Are you sure if it is her bipolar making her like that? Or just her personality? Just because she is bipolar gives her no excuse to treat you and your sister like that. But she will definitely need medication if you want things to be easier though, best of luck :) x
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Please Help. I Am Living With A Bipolar Mom!!!!?

Postby ignacio » Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:21 am

Call the COPS . Don't publish together with her . The worst factor that could occur is they will come and arrest her and you can cross are living someplace else . New enjoy . And earlier than you comprehend it you can be 18 then you'll be able to reunite together with her and it'll all be greater . Don't allow her bodily abuse you , if whatever battle again and slap the crap out of her . Parents believe that simply due to the fact that they are the mom and dad they are able to break out with whatever ,unnhh , improper . There are legislation which look after you from that particular habits . Jeez develop a couple and get up to her . Tell he that if she does not get aid your going to get it for her . Period
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