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Pleading Not Guilty Vs Guilty For A Speeding Ticket In Ma?

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Pleading Not Guilty Vs Guilty For A Speeding Ticket In Ma?

Postby Veryl » Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:38 am

I just got a ticket first time in my 3 years and 8 months of driving time. I was driving in a 55mph some with a speed of 80mph. The cops said and wrote on the ticket that I did a rapid deceleration when I saw the cruiser with two car pulled over. After certain distance I speed up up tp 86~90mph. I know that I have break the law, and this is my first time ever doing. I do not agreed with him that I did the rapid dec, my car at that moment was in 65, and I just step for 2 seconds the break and it went to 60, and by itself went to 55mph. I know I did not right, but at the moment that I realize that I was in the 80 it was when he tried to pull me over. I was doing a coop (internship as a student) in a company, and I was having a presentation at 8:30am, and the time he got me was 8:20 which I was 3 mins away from my work place. The police (I believe it is a state one) did not ever gave me the opportunity to talk. I was in a hurry because of the time, and I thought that I was maintaning a 65mph how I was coming (since there were no car in from of me, I assumed that I was ok and didnt realize it) and also was the company giving an opportunity to consider to offer me a full time job after my graduation (which I did not got it. I got at work at 8:45pm). I know the cop did the right thing, but I do not agree that I was in the 86 ~90 (he just clocked and estimated), and that I did a rapid deceleration. He couldt do say unless he is next to me or behind. He wasnt. I am not expecting to not pay the fine, but trying to avoid the car premiun insurance to raise up. I am a college student, and I have really working hard this time to get money to pay my rent, loans, summer courses, and other expenses of the house, and also to help my mother since she cannot work because of her disability.
I have listening to so many story about pleading not guilty, and I dont know what to do. It happened in MA. and I really hope to get a good advice for me to proceed with this situation. Again, I never speed up before, and this is the first ever doing and it has been very expensive which I am really regret, and now I am more responsible at looking my actions while I am driving.

Any help would be appreciate.
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Pleading Not Guilty Vs Guilty For A Speeding Ticket In Ma?

Postby Clarance » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:23 am

You are going to end up found guilty either way you go. Just pay the fine and get own with your life. One ticket in almost 4 years may not even raise your insurance rates.
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