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Pet Insurance Plan For A Guinea Pig?

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Pet Insurance Plan For A Guinea Pig?

Postby anton » Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:24 pm

try VIP I know they cover birds don't know about piggies

each animal will have it's own policy and different levels of reimbursement

a piggy will have a much, much cheaper policy than a dog or cat due to the fact that they don't live that long and their medical and surgical care is very limited due to their size and physiology

you may be better off simply depositing thrity dollars a month into a savings account for the piggy and sixty dollars a month into a savings account for the dog as pet insurance from VIP for a dog starts at around 60 a month

for some pet insurance is the way to go but it really hasn't caught on too well as there are breed specific issues that pet insurance won't cover at all

for more people it's easier and better to just sock away money each month instead of buying pet insurance

I had VIP for my dog years ago, it was difficult to get any money, difficult to get the vet's office to fill out the claim forms, and what I did get was a joke and I dropped it, saving the monthly premiums for me was way better and then when a biggie did happen I had bucks in the bank to take care of it

Good Luck
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