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Pet Clinic Affordable Prices For A Cat?

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Pet Clinic Affordable Prices For A Cat?

Postby betzalel15 » Wed Oct 11, 2017 3:30 pm

A single transfusion is going to cost at least $150 US. That's just for the blood. The Ultrasound is going to cost $200 or more. These are not things that you are going to find bargains on.

You also need to know that a single transfusion will probably not cure your cat. It will probably need multiple transfusions.

If the ultrasound doesn't turn anything up, you may want to ask for an upper and lower GI scope. Your cat may be losing blood through the gut. Inflammatory Bowel Disease can cause this.

However; there can be a hundred other reasons your cat needs transfusions.

Edit: Unfortunately, you cannot get insurance on an already sick cat. The insurance company will require the records from the vet and will see that the cat was sick before you bought the policy. This is called a preexisting condition. Even human insurance companies won't insure preexisting conditions.
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