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Personal Finance Help?

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Personal Finance Help?

Postby Said » Sat May 20, 2017 3:26 am


What is an entrepreneur? (1 point)

a sole proprietorship

a corporation

one who opens a new business

a bank that loans money


Which of the following is the best definition of probable operating costs? (1 point)

Amount of money required to start a business

Amount of money required to market a business

Amount of money required to purchase business equipment

Amount of money required to keep a business running


What may be offered to clients when banks find the risk too high? (1 point)

Proprietary money

Private money

Personal money

Partnership money


Which of the following is a start-up cost associated with opening a business? (1 point)


Legal fees/Licensing


All of the above


What is a term used widely among real estate investors to refer to non-traditional means of real estate financing, or financing techniques not commonly used? (1 point)

Common financing

Capital financing

Leverage financing

Creative financing


What does "OPM" stand for in leveraging OPM? (1 point)

Organizational profit management

Other profit means

Other people's money

Organizational profit marketing


Generally, a loan obtained from a bank will be a loan.
(1 point)






Which of the following is not a type of retail bank? (1 point)

Bond bank

Private bank

Offshore bank

Ethical bank


What type of banks were traditionally banks which engaged in trade financing? (1 point)






Which of the following is an example of an unsecured bank loan? (1 point)

Credit card debt

Bank overdrafts

Corporate bonds

All of the above
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Personal Finance Help?

Postby Ciaran » Thu May 25, 2017 12:48 pm


1. Could be all of the above, but because this was done by a professor...(c)

2. Again, if they are financed, all 3, but (d) is what the "I got a degree, found out life was hard, so I ran back into college to teach", I mean professor is looking for.

3. Wow, the question doesn't make sense. This person has to have a PHD that wrote this.

a. Isn't a type of capital, to even bring it up is incompetent. Not used in the REAL WORLD.

b. Is the most likely answer here as private money is what you have left if you can't go to the bank.

c. Is a type of private money, your own [email protected] money.

d. You could seek out a partner who has money and use that.

Technically 3 of the 4 work, but again the genius masquerading as a professor is probably looking for (b).

4. Poor question...2 of the 3 for sure, the insurance portion, not necessarily, but you're probably safe with (d) all of the above.

5. (d). The real term most use is HARD MONEY, because it HURTS when you get done paying points and fees to use the money for your real estate deals.

6. (c) Also what professors need to sustain life on this planet...it comes from tuition.

7. Not taxed, unless defaulted on, will have a term, could be variable or fixed, not typically, but could be collateral-free. This is maybe the worst of all the questions. Don't know what to tell you on this one. Guess (b).

8. (c)

9. Many merchant banks were offshore & private...tell the idiot behind the desk v-neck sweater and corduroys suit jacket (b).

10. (a) if your teacher claims it is all of the above, kindly let him know the BOND / STOCK is the asset securing the transaction so it can't be unsecured.
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