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People Good With Managing Money...help Me Out?

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People Good With Managing Money...help Me Out?

Postby Redd » Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:09 am

Ok so a little bit of background info. first. I'm a 20yr old (21 in begining of december) student. I took a break this past spring from classes but hope to be starting back up this fall. I currently have a part time job in Macys making only $7.67 an hour. I usually on an average week get 20-30 hours in, and I get paid weekly so my paychecks generally I try to keep above 100$. I have in my account right now over 1400$.

My problem is that I am trying to get my own car! I want it before my birthday at the latest, but would really like to get one by maybe september/october-ish. I live in the orlando, fl area. I know that there are other expenses that go with getting a car like tags which I think is around $200 and insurance which I can't imagine would be more than $50. I am pretty decent at being able to save money, especially if there is a plan and goal that I am following.

I was looking on craigslist at used cars being sold "by owner" and have my budget set anywhere between maybe 1200-1700$. I was also looking at this one specific dealers cars but his were the situation where you put a certain amount of money down (maybe like 800/900$) and then have a monthly payment. But, my parents are against me doing anything like that because they say i'll be in dept even though I think I can put like $700 or $800 down and then pay a decent amount a month. I just want a car! If anyone good with handling money please help me out with a plan and what I should do (get used car in that budget or do the money down thing). And do you think it's possible to have my own car by the month I stated above? Thank you!

p.s. I know i'd be paying for gas, too. But, I already buy gas anyways since I drive my dads car when it's available so when it is almost on E, I fill it up and it takes about 27$..its a v4 engine which is what I am aiming at having in whatever car I get.
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People Good With Managing Money...help Me Out?

Postby hob » Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:29 am

I think money management would not be able to help you. You need to check your desire vs your reality. You have to see if you are able to afford and sustain the car. Beside the money you are paying, you still need to pay for gases.
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