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Older Parents Who Live With Freeloading Sister?

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Older Parents Who Live With Freeloading Sister?

Postby Vern » Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:14 pm

she says she cant work and she lives with them (they own a fishing camp so she has her own free cabin) she drinks 4 beers from my dads fridge (not allowed more- thats their tough love) and has started to make her own food!!! In the summer she helps in the camp. they pay her cell phone and car insurance and tv and she pays no rent or utilities or anything at all. they even pay her by the hour when she does work for them. She has decided (possiblily borderline) that am evil and that when they die that i am going to be mean to her so she wants parents to divide camp so i wont walk across her property. She says since i have a husband to look after me she should have the camp.
She wrote a letter to my husband understanding how he is abused like she was by me(not true). She yells at me when i call for taking my parents attention away from her. My husband is so disgusted that he wont go visit (we have a cabin there too which our kids (8) go to in summer. My dad just started to have some dementia and now she says that she wants to be their caretaker- which i guess should of been obvious to me since she dropped out of the working world and has lived with them for 10 years. She has no kids or boyfriend or job. She spends her time partying- and taking walks and doing jobs like raking and reading and sleeping till noon at least. My husband and i have mortgages and bills and kids etc. I feel sorry for my dad who wants his daughters to get along for xmas but since she said she doesnt want me walking on her property when she dies and is going to be their caretaker- there whenever i visit- i just cant stand to ever go to cottages again but how i can i be mean to my dad who i love so much who just had his drivers license taken away. My mom tries not to choose sides buts gets angry and says my sister didnt so anything wrong and my dad says to come for christmas cause im breaking the family apart- even though her hatred of me has lated for the last 4 years with me only giving her a party (didnt say right thing) and once getting upset for her bad talking me to my friend.. I want her to just move away to her own place but my husband says its too late - she is 43. should i spend xmas at cottages with my children as is usual and is tradition? I know i didnt grow up in that i had xmas there for so long but kids liked it and more winter activities than at home.. What should i do? My sister is destroying my time with my elderly parents and turing them against me as she tells them that i am a fighter who wont let anything go and is abusive to her....Help!!!!!
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Older Parents Who Live With Freeloading Sister?

Postby chang » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:46 pm

I think you should ignore your sister and go there with your kids. Your parents and your kids would love it. Do not talk to your sister. Your husband is right she cannot be changed
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