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Not High Blood Pressure?

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Not High Blood Pressure?

Postby Orlondo » Fri Feb 13, 2015 3:44 pm

Thanks again for your advice, I posted previously under the title Hypertension.  On the urging of my chiropractor, I've seen an internal medicine doctor.  He told me to get an at home machine and take it in the morning and evening for a month.  So I have for a few days and my morning reading is about 107/66 and my evening is 139/84.  So this means it's not high BP right?

ANSWER: Dear Sara,

Good to hear from you again.

The blood pressures that you listed above are within the normal range.  However, having said that, the PM reading of 139/84 is clearly borderline and means that in all likihood you will have sustained hypertension in the future, perhaps the near future.  Close monitoring, then, is in order.

You might wish to get a third reading for a week or two to see how you measure up during the day. Additionally, you might want to check your blood pressure after a telephomne discussion with the comcast or Cox cable customer support demons.  If it is normal then you really are in good shape.  I kid you not,  I, personally, thought I had good control until I had a long contentious discussion with the Sprint telephone(now Embarq....more accurately, disenbarq)customer support person when my BP went up to 170/98.  I accused her of trying to give me a stroke, increased all of my meds and got rid of Sprint.

Lastly, even though you presently fall within the normal range you would be well advised to undertake lifestyle changes such as weight reduction, if appropriate, begin a low salt diet(4 grams per day), smoking cessation, if appropriate, and a graded exercise program.  These modifications will delay and possibly even prevent the development of sustained hypertension.

Again, good to hear from you.


Dr. Falkinburg

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Dr. Falkinburg,

I so wish you lived in Fla. I would love to have you as my physician, your so real and personable.  Thank you for being human!  I will try to take one during the middle of the day, but it will be difficult at my work.  

I can side with you about Embarq as well.  I am currently processing record that someone else was in charge of and let's just say my frustration factor is through the roof.  It's like talking to your customer service demon....except in paper form...with lots of numbers and squiggly lines for velocities.  I've had a headache off and on for a few weeks now thanks to that crap! Seriously.  

As far as lifestyle changes....they've already happened. I've never smoked and lost 32 pounds(down to my weight as a senior in high school) in the last 9 months by changing the way I eat.   Only strange thing was I wasn't exercising that much and it came of pretty easy. I know when I get angry or something hurts, my BP does go up.  I always feel it in my cheeks and my ears turn bright red.  It's how I react to stuff I guess.  But I've never had it as high as I've had for the last 4 times I saw my chiropractor.  Last Friday it was 150/90.  It has to be the white coat thing right?  By the way, the internist put me on a beta blocker too.  

Thanks again for your advice, your great!


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Not High Blood Pressure?

Postby Kalman » Fri Feb 20, 2015 5:37 pm

Dear Sara,

I do live in Fl..  I retired here from Virginia in 1998 and live in Naples.  I volunteer in a clinic called "the Neighborhood Clinic" that gives outpatient care to the "working poor".  That's someone who is working, with an income below 2.5 times the Federal poverty level, who's not eligible for any relief programs, who can't afford health insurance and, of course, who needs medical care.  I see a ton of hypertension. Otherwise, I play golf and work out.  

If the medical care I give were comparable to the quality of my golf, the streets would be littered with bodies.

Good to hear from you again.

DR. Falkinburg
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