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Not In Country When A2 Results Are Published?

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Not In Country When A2 Results Are Published?

Postby dealbeorht79 » Thu Sep 21, 2017 3:51 am

Im not going to be in the country on the date my A2 results are being published (18th august). I couldnt get any other dates and my parents kind of just booked it without telling me >:(. Would this be a big issue? I think I should be able to get the grades for my firm university and I dont need to sort out accocomadation because ill be staying at home anyway. But just in case I dont, Im pretty sure that ill definately be able to atleast get into my insurance university. So, I guess(hopefully) I wouldnt need to use clearing. If this is the case, my being in another country shouldnt be a problem should it? I would atleast get into the insurance one even though ill have to contact student finance and tell them that the uni Im going to is different. What do you think?

also...I will be able to check my results online from abroad.
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Not In Country When A2 Results Are Published?

Postby Derwan » Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:30 am

My friend and I were away when the A2 results came out.
Luckily I got my insurance uni but she had to go through clearing. It was easy enough though- we just found an internet cafe and logged onto her ucas from there and checked all the courses available through clearing.

Phoned them (we used her parents mobiles) and got her sorted on a course. We told them we were out of the country and asked what we needed to do next. The guy said to just wait til we got home to tell finance she was going to a different uni.

You should be fine but make sure you have loads of credit on your phone/can afford the bill when you get back.

Good luck! Hope you get the uni you want :)
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Not In Country When A2 Results Are Published?

Postby llevelys39 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:59 pm

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Not In Country When A2 Results Are Published?

Postby Weallcot » Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:04 pm

hi :) last year when I got my AS results, I was on holiday and I didn't know my grades until I got home. your college will send your results to you by post and you'll be able to see your grades then. also, when you're on holiday you can check through ucas if you got your firm choice, because it will tell you there, as the unis get your results too. if you get your insurance choice, then its the same process and everything will be fine. I'm staying at home too :D if you have to go through clearing, then you can do it through ucas in any other country, but phone the uni first you want to apply too and explain to them everything to make sure everything's okay.

I wouldn't worry about it, my friends are on holiday too when the results are published. good luck with everything and university! xoxo
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