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I Need Legitimate Facts On Why Pitbulls Make Great Pets.?

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I Need Legitimate Facts On Why Pitbulls Make Great Pets.?

Postby Kolli » Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:03 pm

You're going to have to take people's personal experiences because the fact that pit bulls are 'great pets' is an opinion in itself. The only real stat that everyone would consider to be good would be the scores on the ATT or American temperament test, which the APBT receives an 86.8%. http://atts.org/breed-statistics/statist...

Why do I own one?

Because they're people loving, versatile, dependable, and despite what people may say they are very intelligent and are surprisingly trainable(they can have a stubborn streak, though). They want to please their people and they will do anything for affection. Mine's also hilarious, he'll do anything to make us laugh. They are extremely attuned to their handlers.

Dogchannel.com's description of a pit bull:

"This canine product of the American melting pot is a true success story, a bulldog-terrier cross that made its way out of the fighting pits and into the hearts of dog lovers. Bred in America from a blend of Bull and Terrier breeds, the APBT served many functions: on the farm he herded livestock and eliminated rats. In the home he played with the children and sat by his owner?s fire.

Nicknamed Yankee Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, Half and Half, and American Bull Terrier, the breed has long been admired for its tenacity, courage, agility and spirit. Now known as the American Pit Bull Terrier, the breed has been recognized and registered by the United Kennel Club since 1898.

A loyal, strong and energetic companion, today?s APBT continues to provide good company to his owner, and also excels in everything from bomb detection, herding, therapy, search and rescue, to obedience. While Pit Bulls can make excellent pets, they are not for the first time owner. They might not go looking for trouble, but they won't back down from it either. While the APBT is friendly with children, supervision is in order because of his power and strength. It is essential to socialize this breed with humans and other animals early on. Early training and socialization result in a calm and loving dog.

This athletic breed requires a good amount of space and exercise. A fenced yard will help provide an area to burn off energy. Pit Bull?s often excel when they have a job to do. Owners of APBTs can pick just about any sport (weight pulling, flyball, rally), and their dog may fill the house with award ribbons.

Wary and at times unfriendly with new dogs, an APBT (typical of the Terrier breeds) is not the dog for a family that loves new animals coming in and over to play.

Potential owners need to know that breed specific legislation (and home owner?s insurance policies) may target their breed. APBT owners take on an important responsibility to dispel bad press."
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