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I Need Legal Advice I Don't Know What To Do?

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I Need Legal Advice I Don't Know What To Do?

Postby udell » Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:19 am

i was is a car accident in december of 2009. I was driving my dads truck and he was driving my car we switched a about 4 or 5 months back. when i first moved i had my car a chevy Cavalier in my dads name because my license was canceled due to 3 dwi`s it the pa st ten years 1st in 98 and 3nd in 08. at the time i was in treatment and doing everything to get it back. about a month after i a letter at my house From the DVM saying they made a mistake in putting my car in my dads name and that i need to switch back immediately. not long after that i met my dad in red wing mn and put the car back in my name stayed at there house for the weekend and then left with my dads truck. in december of 2009 i had to go to court for something petty in red wing mn and on the way home i was talking on my cell phone and didn't see the light turn red. a car went to make a left and i seen him pull in front of me i hit my brakes and hit his car. there was no injury's reported he walked home and i got a ride to jail..i admited it was my fault and that i was on the phone also no license the truck had full coverage insurance on it in his name.
currently i am being sued for pain and suffering and cost of the vehicle im not sure what else but they want 26000.00 dollars by the other driver insurance ... at first my dad claimed that i didn't have permission to drive his truck so his ins wouldn't drop him but later called his insurance and told them that i did but they still refuse to pay anything..
i don't have a lot of money so i cant afforded a attorney so i called a few places they wanted 2000 down out of 7000.. so i called the attorney for the insurance co that was suing me and explained that every thing my dad said in his statement to his insurance was a lie and told him that i did have permission to drive the truck till i got mi license back and could drive my car.
my dad was in a fender bender with someone in my car in lake city mn where he lives. the opposing attorney agreed to file to bring his my dads insurance to court and my dad hand wrote him a letter saying i had permission and that he had lied to save himself also he wants my dad to do a affidavit about me having permission. my dad spoke with a attorney form his insurance and they told him not to so he didn't and now he wants me and my girlfriend to sign a affidavit to to help sue my dads insurance .. should me and my girl friend meet him and sign the affidavit will that help them win the case against my dads insurance or just help them sue me.. what do i do???
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