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I Need Help Putting My Arguementative Writing Into A Speech... Help?

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I Need Help Putting My Arguementative Writing Into A Speech... Help?

Postby Zacharias » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:47 pm

im having trouble approaching putting this into a speech. please help me

Texting while driving, people do it thousands of times a day and it distracts drivers everywhere. Texting while driving is a danger to everyone on the road and it should be enforced for the laws against it to become more effective and keep the roads safer.

Cell phones have infiltrated every aspect of our lives. When people are constantly on their phones, they start to use their phones while doing other things, like operating a car and texting simultaneously. This is just as dangerous as drunk driving. According to researchers, driving while texting is potentially a worse hazard than driving under the influence. This is because a person under the influence may actually be paying more attention than driving while texting. Studies show that reaction time decreases by 35 percent and steering ability by 91 percent, while drunk driving only decreases reaction time by 12 percent. According to that study, it shows that texting while driving is nearly three times as dangerous as drunk driving.

In today?s society, people feel the need to do the most they can at one time. This is called multitasking, which is one of the main reason people use their cell phones while driving. Multitasking has become a necessity to people and since people multitask a lot, they think they are capable of multitasking and driving because they are so involved in their lives. People became so involved that they begin to forget their responsibilities to keep others safe, as well as themselves. When people multitask so much, it starts to become a habit, which is something people need to work on, because all it did was distract them. Texting while driving not only breaks the law, it also puts others and yourself in danger.

Even though texting while driving can be dangerous, making laws that prohibit it will do little to nothing. A report by the Highway Loss Data Institute compared four states that prohibit texting while driving with states that allow it, and there was almost no reduction where it was banned. Texting while driving will continue to happen even though laws prohibit it, because 150 years ago, the first speeding law took place, yet drivers speed all the time, even with strict enforcement. Even though laws against it were made, it shows barely any difference and it will continue to occur, regardless of laws or not.

Laws against distracted driving may be ineffective, but with tough laws, good enforcement and increased public awareness will help put an end to distracted driving. A survey by Nationwide Insurance in 2008 found that 67 percent of drivers admitted to texting while driving. Even though the decrease in distracted driving will be a gradual process that will take a few years to make a difference, it should still be taken very seriously.

Texting while driving has been proven to be a very dangerous thing due to multitasking, distracted driving, and potentially more dangerous than driving under the influence. Laws were made against texting while driving because of those things, and if properly enforces, it can keep roads safer.
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