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Mom Wants Us To Pay Gas+electric Bills?

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Mom Wants Us To Pay Gas+electric Bills?

Postby Aiyetoro » Fri Mar 06, 2015 12:32 pm

Ok so this is more of a question for my boyfriend than myself. He lives at his house right now and the only "bills" he pays are his phone bill and his car insurance(total of like 100 bucks) and he gets paid biweekly, and makes minimum wage. We both go to jc, so it takes a lot of our time. Family gets food stamps but heyve been getting less food stamps ever since he turned 18(he's 20 now) because "he's supposed to support them with his paycheck". He has 4 younger sisters and one of them just turned 18 but she's super spoiled. Anywho, his mom comes to him saying that she's making him pay the gas and electric bill this month. First off, the dad doesn't even have a legitimate job but he makes at least 2000 dollars a month for rent plus extra for whatever. My boyfriend made about 400 bucks total his last two paychecks and only has like 300 in his bank right now. He buys his own food and clothes and whatnot. The mom doesn't have a job. She can't. She didn't even go to school. Ever. I'm trying to get him moved in at my house so he would only pay about 100 in rent every month. His mom is always a nightmare for be both of us not just with this. What can we(he) do to deal with this without getting in debt?
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Mom Wants Us To Pay Gas+electric Bills?

Postby loughlin » Sat Mar 07, 2015 4:05 am

Your boyfriend should move out.
He's a burden at 20 in the home of his poor family.
He's an adult.
The free ride is over.
He should have to pay rent at 20.
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Mom Wants Us To Pay Gas+electric Bills?

Postby Anastagio » Sat Mar 07, 2015 7:27 pm

Well if his mom wants him to pick up a bill he will just have to do so until he gets on his own. I understand what ur saying just because i was there once and in fact still there now. So if he live with his parents he just gonna have to do what she say just because it is her house at the end of the day or like you said move in with you but that's up to him.
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Mom Wants Us To Pay Gas+electric Bills?

Postby Walworth » Mon Mar 09, 2015 5:35 am

Not to sound mean, but if they have been letting him live in their house and he was only paying phone bill and car insurance for all this time, and they are just now asking him to pay 1 month of gas and electric (which I assume he used during all that time), then he is getting off lucky.
It should be the least he can do since they have been paying for it all the other months.

Now if they say he is paying it all from now on...that is a different story, and he should look into either moving in with you (which could bring up a whole lot of other future problems/situations) or getting his own place.
I think when he starts looking, and sees how much living on your own (or even with roommates) costs, he will realize paying only 1 month of gas/electric is very little...unless it is a mansion, in which case he better ask for about a years advance on his paycheck.
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