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Medicare And Inhome Health Care?

Disability Insurance News & Discussion

Medicare And Inhome Health Care?

Postby Aponivi » Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:36 pm

I am a CNA my mom only has about 30% lung function and my dad has severe diabetes that has left him unable to many of his ADL's. My mom has been taking care of my dad for the past several years but is beginning to have trouble taking care of herself let alone my dad too. Both of my parents are on disability and medicare. My sister and I heard that I could get paid to take care of my parents doing in home health care but from what i have read medicare does not cover in home health care. I am confused and dont know who i need to talk to about this? My parents are both very picky about who is and isnt allowed in their house will not just have someone they dont know come into their home which is why my sister wants me to do it. I currently have a full time job and a part time job so i dont have much free time. Does anyone have any information about this?
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Medicare And Inhome Health Care?

Postby Jerrett » Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:23 pm

I artwork for a scientific residing house well being employer in Missouri. Medicare (this is federal so it won't pay for any state) does not pay for homemaker centers, which i'm assuming is what you're speaking approximately. i assume i don't know what you mean by applying long term care insurance. Do you mean the customer's supplemental insurance? This additionally won't pay for non-scientific care. scientific well being insurance is merely that, it could pay for scientific and well being expenses, not a homemaker coming in and sitting with a customer, doing housekeeping, or working errands. In my state, medicaid is what pays for those centers. I could desire to assert i'm extra then a sprint taken aback which you have began up an in-residing house employer and did not know that medicare or inner maximum insurance does not pay for those centers. it relatively is the two left as much as the customer to pay, or medicaid pays for loads of hours/week, reckoning on the customer's desires. It does make me very indignant that my sufferers who worked frustrating all of their lives won't have the ability to get a sprint bit tips (medicaid), and as a result can't get a homemaker employer to come back in and help with housekeeping, cooking, and working errands. yet people who in no way worked an afternoon of their existence, in no way paid taxes in, and so on, get medicaid and as a result are eligible for a homemaker to come back in 40 hours a week. we live in a rustic that promotes human beings to in no way artwork an afternoon of their existence. they're people who get help with homemakers, prescriptions, senior citizen housing, and help with application expenses. Sorry after my ramble, yet relatively, you're able to desire to have widely used medicare and private insurance does not pay on your service. basically medicaid and private pay shoppers could have the flexibility to get your centers. And maximum inner maximum pay shoppers definitely can't cope with to pay for to pay you lots. you're able to desire to have been looking into medicaid long before you began your employer up.
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Medicare And Inhome Health Care?

Postby Vinn » Tue Oct 03, 2017 4:01 pm

Correct, Medicare doesn't cover home health care.

If they can't get along on their own, and you don't want to do it without getting paid, the next step is probably an assisted living facility - which Medicare ALSO won't pay for.
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