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Suggestions On Getting Insured And Bonded For Pet Sitting?

Looking for people in the pet sitting field to offer advice on getting bonded and insured. My husband and I would like to start a pet sitting business and we are currently researching all of our options. Thank you in advance for your help.
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Why Do I Always Do This To Myself? (sorry About The Length)?

In the last year I graduated high school and started university. I'd been looking foreword to that time since grade six... Now, I can't seem to enjoy it. I don't feel like I deserve to be in university. I'm taking music. I auditioned to get in, I took a music theory test and I did get in. Now, it's the end of my second semester and I'm failing all my class. Why? Because I don't ...
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How Does Pet Insurance Work?

It doesn't. You pay a premium and then you get reimbursed when you get treatment. If you have only indoor cats, it's VERY unlikely that you will EVER run up a higher, reimburseable vet bill than the cost of the yearly premium. At least that's what my research has gleaned.
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Do Your Dogs Have Pet Insurance?

I actually have my dog insured through Trupanion. I did extensive research before I enrolled and here were the things I found:

They have one big lifetime limit so that if you have to claim a large amount, you are covered.

They cover genetic and hereditary disorders (most other companies do not).

You can choose a $0 deductible, but you always have to pay for the vet exam fees. ...
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I Need Legitimate Facts On Why Pitbulls Make Great Pets.?

You're going to have to take people's personal experiences because the fact that pit bulls are 'great pets' is an opinion in itself. The only real stat that everyone would consider to be good would be the scores on the ATT or American temperament test, which the APBT receives an 86.8%. http://atts.org/breed-statistics/statist...

Why do I own one?

Because they're people loving, versatile, dependable, and despite what people may say they are ...
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Do Police Pick On People That Drive Black Cars, Or What?

I was driving my black car, when all of a sudden this female officer in a white police car pulled me over.
I was shocked, pulled out all my drivers license,registration, and insurance, but she was mean and made me get out and do the drunk test.
My pets and car was impounded, and I had to do a blood test.
I was fine, but maybe the color of my car is something people pick ...
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Pet Clinic Affordable Prices For A Cat?

A single transfusion is going to cost at least $150 US. That's just for the blood. The Ultrasound is going to cost $200 or more. These are not things that you are going to find bargains on.

You also need to know that a single transfusion will probably not cure your cat. It will probably need multiple transfusions.

If the ultrasound doesn't turn anything up, you may want to ask for ...
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My Friend Is Getting My Other Friend The Same Present For Her Birthday That I Am Getting Her?

My friend's birthday is coming up (on December 1) and she thinks Pillow Pets are really cute and today I was looking through store brochures and I wanted to see what Five Below was selling and I saw that they had Cudlee Pets. Which look like Pillow Pets and are only 5 dollars! I can't afford to buy her anything expensive because I only have 10 dollars and I don't want to make my mom ...

Tesco Pet Insurance - Please Help!?

I am thinking of changing to Asda Pet Insurance, but I want to check all the facts and figures to see if Asda is cheaper. I have all the letters etc. that tesco sent me - but they only send an update once a year (as the letter says) and the last time they sent one was on the 6th march 2012 and I know the price has changed since then as we took one ...
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What Can I Do This Man Wont Let Me Go,held Hostage By Batterer Legal?

what can i do. im a woman in my 20s and im being legally held hostage by a man who thinks he is my husband. i dont know this strange man and i dont want to assosicte with him. he got my mother pregnant and then i was born.

this man has beaten me and robbed me of my money. he has also made sexual advances and abuse to me when i was ...




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