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Travel Insurance To Canada?

Hi everyone. I'm planning to visit Vancouver, BC in August and I'm really concerned about travel insurance (health is the priority). I'm gonna stay there for 5 nights, and I will be entering from the USA (i live in the USA). Does anybody have any suggestions about which company to use to buy the insurance? I would prefer US-based companies. I found one with good rates, but their website looks really unprofessional, so i'm afraid ...
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Are Women In Rich Countries Against "their" Men Dating Foreign Women...?

...because they're money-hungry wh0res and foreign women in poorer countries undercut their prices?

For example, I could probably travel overseas for a few hundred bucks and bag chicks for free in a cheap motel because they think I'm a rich foreigner.
But at home at lot of these money-hungry materialistic pr0stitutes want a man who has a good job, drives a nice car (gas, insurance, etc.), and has his own house or apartment.

Rifle Club Membership In London Etc.?

Im looking to get into .22 rifle shooting for fun as I used to do it back home, I have read and done research but one thing I'm not clear about is; Is or will it be Okay for me to travel with my rifle in a rifle bag / case on public transport to and from the shooting club? I know the laws here area bit over-the-top so I'm hoping it will be alright ...
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Education In America?

I'm 17, turning 18 in a couple of months and i'm currently studying my A levels in the UK. Once i finish my a levels i would like to go to America to study business. I've been looking at the university UCLA which is in Los Angeles. What would i need to do to apply? I've been looking over the internet and its all very confusing. I've found out that they start college when their ...
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How Much Do These Vaccinations Typically Cost?

I'll be traveling to India to work there for a year. The CDC recommended these vaccinations: Rabies, Typhoid, Hepatitis A and B, Japanese Encephalitis, Meningococcal Meningitis and I might need a tetanus shot again. There are several clinics in my area that specialize in giving these types of vaccinations. I don't have health insurance. How much would all these vaccinations typically cost?
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Is It Risky To Travel To The Usa Due To Case Of Illness/injury?

You should NEVER travel to the USA without adequate health insurance - if you travel to EU countries and have an EHIC card from the Department of Health you will be treated on the same basis as local residents, (so you should have health insurance anyway, as in most EU countries you pay at least something and then claim the money back, unlike in the UK where you pay nothing). In the US you pay ...
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Has This Ever Happend To You Or Someone You Know?

my boyfriend and I are planning a vacay .. leaving. g june 4th thru the 11th. he told his boss the begining. to middle of february he will need the week off. she said she will see what she can do and she will not be looking at anyone's vacay requests til may .. when were leaving in june. in my opinion.. how do you run a bussiness like that, but thats besides the point. ...
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International Travel With Imac On Delta ?

Greetings. I would be traveling in delta airlines from Richmond to Dubai ( united Arab emirates) via Atlanta. I am carrying my 20" Imac ( a 20" LCD - 20lbs , a little more than 45"total size ( l+b+h). I would like to know if I should check in this item ( I can have it packed safely) or carry it with me ( I guess it wouldn't fit in the overhead compartment)
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What 125cc Starter Bike To Get At 17?

Im currently 15 and am aware of the new bike law coming 2013. I will be riding from my house to college for around 2 years and then off to uni by then ill be probably upgrading to a ninja 300 or remain on the 125cc for longer. I was wondering what 125cc bike i should get at 17. I will use this bike to go to college and travel around the neighbourhood ocassionaly. I ...
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Will He Ever Make Up His Mind And Marry Me?

Today I saw my boyfriend's mother, and she told me she's a bit frustrated he hasn't proposed yet. We've been dating 10 months now, and I am SO in love. He is 40 and I am 27.

His mother said he's weird and slow... something about how he wants to make sure I'll be happy with him? Does that make sense? Or is it just an excuse to wait longer because he doesn't ...
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