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Can I Go Back On Parents Health Insurance?

In order to qualify to be added to dad's policy, your employer must NOT offer health insurance.

Additionally, you can only drop your plan during open enrollment; and dad can only add you during HIS open enrollment.
But that's a moot point, since your employer OFFERS health insurance, you don't qualify to go on dad's plan.

And, you do realize that dad would be PAYING for you, right?
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What Will Happen To Those Beach Homes Destroyed By Sandy?

I was going to buy a home near the beach a long time and was refused insurance because it was within 40 miles of a body of water. Do banks give those people mortgages because its a risky home? Why would FEMA give them money to rebuild if there is a strong chance the homes would be damaged again? ( I was watching New York news and saw that one of the govt officials said ...
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How To Get Rid Of Rash Caused By Benzoyl Peroxide?

When I was in high school, I had this rash in spots from topical acne medication, and now it seems I've got it again.
I had a bad zit on my chest a while ago and used some Neutrogena On-the-Spot (2.5% benzoyl peroxide), and now I have a dry, red patch on my chest that hasn't gone away for two weeks now.
It's not itchy, it's not scaly to a point of turning white, it's ...
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I Live In Uk And Have A House In Theodore Alabama Were Can I Get Landlord/rental Dwelling Insurance?

Do you own the house in Alabama?

Then you have home insurance.

Are you renting the home in Alabama?

Then just call and insurance company like Geico, Allstate, Statefarm, progressive, out of the phone book.

Can Somebody Tell Me The Difference Between A Mobile Home And A Manufactured Home?

I noticed it makes a difference in the cost of your home owners insurance. I always call my place a trailer house. I looked at the specks on mine and it said a manufactured home. I never thought about it till I started shopping for insurance.

Has Meemic Insurance Company Gone Down Hill Since Being Acquired By Gmac?

My house burned down to the ground a few weeks ago, and it seems like they are really digging to find a reason not to pay my claim.
They are trying to deny my claim based on occupancy.
I have heard from a few people that GMAC Insurance company is awful about paying claims.
I have also heard of rumblings from employees that the company is not like it used to be.
Any information can ...

My Friend Doesn't Have Time For Me?

My guy friend used to be really close but has gradually slipped away. I even started to feel used, and we had a fight and straightened some things out. He says he appreciates me and isn't trying to ignore me but he's really busy and doesn't have time for hardly anyone, if that helps. He just turned 18 and is working full time and going to an adult school. He's also having a lot of ...
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My Son Does Not Have Insurance But Needs Shots?

I just moved from Texas to Tennessee. My son's medicaid back home had just expired. I moved to Tennessee to live with my boyfriend who is my son's father. We were trying to get him insurance through DEERS program, but they needed a copy of the paternity paper but we waited and waited for it in the mail. Well, now my boyfriend deployed to Iraq.

I need to ask is, can I take ...
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Help!! Wife Is Having Long Lasting Exreamly Heavy Menstural Cycle.?

She has had extremely heavy bleeding for 3 and a half weeks.
So heavy she is soaking through 6 pads and her underware in about 2 hours time.
She also says she can't go pee anymore.
She says she has to go. But no matter how hard she tries nothing comes out. She has to go bad. She cries because it gets so uncomfortable.
When it finally dose come out its ...

Our California Home Sustained Property Damage From A Car Collision Driven By An Uninsured, Unlicensed Driver.?

The registered owner of the car is now reporting the vehicle as stolen, however the driver involved in the accident is a friend of the owner, was partying with the owner on the evening of the accident, and the DA is not pressing charges for an auto theft because the two parties knew each other and the car was not taken under force.
The registered owner's insurance company is denying our claim for our property ...




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