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Do You Know The Names Of The Two Liberals Running For President?

The trouble is, Obama is too the right of Romney.

Obamacares (or O BAM! a car. EEEEE!!!) has Newt's unconstitutional mandate in it.

(Think back to '93, when then speaker of the house, was trying to shove the mandate "down our throats")

Obama backs the Bush Tax cuts, Gitmo, the war on terror, the war on drugs and the patriot act.

Obama and Romney should switch parties. ...
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Always Craving Sweets & Snacking?

My dad use to eat healthy and never really eat sweets. For the last couple years he's been craving sweets all the time. Drinking diet dew which he always has, eats brownies, prunes, raisins and constantly snacking through out the day eating other stuff. What could cause this? If it's something bad then I'm not sure what he would do cause he has no insurance and he's 53.
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A Dull Aching Pain On Left Side Near Rib Cage?

I know-- how original, asking health questions on Yahoo! Answers! I've been trying to care for my Mom, she does not have insurance and I can't yet afford to take her to her doctor but if there's enough reason to take her I'll just take her to the ER if need be. She's been having this dull aching pain on the left side ( I'm worried about her heart.) Should I just be taking her ...
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Do You Believe That Persons Who Hire Illegal Workers Should Be Punished?

So far all I ever hear about is how people immigrate into the US and other countries, get paid in cash, do not pay state and local taxes, do not pay for health insurance but receive state funded health care from hospitals and clinics, receive driver's licenses with fake Social Security cards, and have a type of immunity to prosecution and different classification under the law as opposed to citizens. All of this angers me ...

I Am Abhishek. I Own A Sports Website. I Am Into Adventure Sports. I Wanted A Health Insurance. Any Suggestion?

HI My self Yogesh Sharma..i'm the founder of Santosh Invetment in mumbai, Santosh Investment is a Broking Firrm Wher we work with all insurance company in India.. But the best thing about us is we provide best policy in discounted Rate (Its Means: Investor Get 25% cash Back in every Year ) Ex: if you take 25000/-PA premium policy from any company you will get 6250/- cash back PA from Santosh Investment not from insurance ...

She We Be Doing More Investigation Into France's Model Health Care System?

Very informative article in the Boston Globe:


A few quotes from the article that are of interest:

"the French share Americans' distaste for restrictions on patient choice and they insist on autonomous private practitioners rather than a British-style national health service, which the French dismiss as "socialized medicine." Virtually all physicians in France participate in the nation's public health insurance, Sécurité Sociale.

Their freedoms of diagnosis ...

I Want My Ears Pinned Back.. What Do I Do First?

I'm 18 years old and I've been bullied all my life about my ears because they stick out. I don't get bullied any more because I'm basically an adult but I still want my ears pinned back because I can't tie my hair up because I look silly so what I do is stick my ears back with double sided tape and have my hair down so you can't notice it. I've always wanted my ...
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Montana Voted 67% To 33% To Prohibit The State From Mandating Health Insurance?

The act however has no practical merit because the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a vote this summer saying the federal government can constitutionally mandate citizens to buy health insurance. Politicians who endorsed the measure said it was a ?statement? to the federal government.

What Is It Like In Toronto, Canada?

Hi there,

Me and a friend of mine from the UK are thinking about moving to Canada for better job opportunities and a better place to live.

The main factors we want to know is:

1. Information on Health Care

2. What goes on in the local music scene

3. How much it costs on average to live (excluding house rent or mortgage)
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How Can I Remove Insurance Dont Have Any More?

The other answer is quite correct. YOU can't do this. If it's your mom's policy, your mom has to take steps to have you removed. She should have done this when you became covered under your own policy.
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