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Is It Smart For Me To Buy A Car Right Now?

Im 17years old. I work at Little Ceasers, i make about $1000.00 a month. Im a senior in Junior right now but will be a senior next year. I want to buy a Dodge Charger, it costs a total of $12,000.00. If i pay $700.00 a month for a little over a year i will be done paying it. My question is do you think it is a good idea to do this? Like to ...
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Are There Any Jamaican (west Indies) Life Insurance Companies That Covers Seniors Over The Age Of 80?

If there are they will be very small with few reserves. why not use a major company but make sure that you know what you are buying.

I Am About To Sign Up For Medicare?

Hopefully, you have already accessed the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) website Medicare.gov. This provides basic information that you will want to know. And yes, you will need to sign up for Medicare at your local Social Security Office.

That being said, there is no getting around the fact that Medicare questions can be confusing! Choosing between traditional Medicare and the new "Medicare HMO-type" plans is one of the first choices you ...
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Need Senior Insurance Advise?

my mother has a supplemental insurance health we recently received a letter that informed us that because of the cost of living..it is necessary to more then double the monthly premiums..when my mother used a ambulance service...god bless this insurance. they paid 13 dollars and we had to pay the rest.the insurance sucks!..does anyone have an alternative supplemental insurance and has anyone tried the ARRP program..moms Aricet is 300.00 a month alone..so i found ...
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What Can I Do To Convince People To See The Convenience Of A Streetcar System?

How can I get the citizens of my town to see the other side to this debate, and how can I get them to see how economic this system will be?

Many senior citizens in my town can't drive and need a better way to get around town; how can I get the citizens see this side as well?

I've even made fliers too, how can I set them up without ...

Senior Life Services Insurance Company?

I personally believe that life insurance is a scam and stay a way from those regardless of which company offer them.
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Are Fixed Index Annuities A Safe Vehicle For Seniors Who Need A Guaranteed Income For Life?

no... they are basically a whole life insurance policy...

You are better off buying tax free municipal bonds, treasury bills, or other fixed income instruments..

The only thing annuities do.. is make the insurance company selling them a TON of money...

Why Are Liberals Upset About Seniors Paying 68% Of Their Health Insurance Costs?

A policy for a 65 year old with no preexisting conditions won't be over $1200.00 per month.

This will only leave a bit over $800 per month for seniors to contribute. Plus deductibles and co pays of course).

This is easily within reach of most people who have worked hard and saved their money.

And this plan will drive labor costs down for corporations like Walmart and McDonald's who ...

I Need Advice Particularly From A Radiologist... Read Inside For More?

I am going into highschool as a senior this year. I just recently decided that I want to be a radiologist, subspecialty most likely pediatrics(still deciding). I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as far as the track to become what I want to be. I have done research but haven't really gotten anything. If anyone has sources of information they would be greatly appreciated. My GPA is currently about ...

Best Career Choices For My Future? (medicine)?

I will be a high school senior this fall and graduate in may 2014. I will graduate from osu in 2018 and start working and be 21. Four years of med school and let's say three years residency/interning means working in 2025. I would be 28.

I'm interested in medicine. I'm interested in pediatrics but I know the salary is lowest of doctors and malprac. insurance is high and obamacare means more patients, ...
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