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Which Is The Best Health Plan For A Senior With Medicare(74yrs Old) In Northern Cal.?

You can look in the Medicare and You book or on their website link here for another Advantage plan but Kaiser is the best rated, or you can go out of the Advantage plan into regular Medicare. It depends whats available in your county. I am in Kaiser and I dont know what limitations you believe there are. Even Kaiser is better in some specialties in certain facilities but not in others. Kaiser is $99 ...

Im So Ready For Summer And Public School To Be Over With Forever?

You are an idiot.

Once you graduate then your REAL life begins. You will have work full time with a REAL job (6000 is nothing), pay rent, pay bills, pay taxes, pay for food, gas, car insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, etc.

Do All Insurance Companies For Dogs Just Insure The Dog Up Until The Age Of 7 Years?

It depends on the insurance provider & the plan you opt for.

My Dobermanns are insured with Pet Plan on their cover for life policy. This means that as long as I pay the premiums, my dog will be insured until the day it dies.

When the dog becomes a senior, usually 7 years old, but can be 5 depending on the breed, the excess ...

What Discounts Or Programs Are Available To Help Senior Citizens In New York?

What discounts or programs are available to help senior citizens in new york?

I work with a non-profit preventing foreclosures and working with budgeting. I am looking for anything that can help ease their budgets; including cheaper utilities, coupons/discounts on food, household items, free cell service, tax breaks, free home improvements, etc. to assist them in protecting their homes. Here are the categories I'm asking for money saving ideas on:

mortgage/rent ...

Insurance Commission Rates?

I'm looking into different Insurance Companies to work for.
I'm fairly new with only 1 year of experience selling life Insurance.
Just now I'm getting into selling Disability & Senior Health care.
Can anyone tell me the average commission that a company pays it's agent per AP/Policy/Sale? I don't have enough experience to know when someone is robbing me.
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How Will U S Seniors Like The Healthcare Bill That Includes Cuts In Medicare?

If the system is better overall, which is what is planned, then they should like it.

I am always amazed how many Americans seem not to be aware about the real healthcare issues relying instead on FOX and other sources to spread lies about the healthcare system of the USA and those abroad.
I mean, if healthcare in nations with universal coverage is so bad, why do they keep it?

Obama ...

Need Help With Irrational Jealousy?

I am getting a little desperate, about 8 months ago my wife told me about a couple of situations at her work where a couple of guys had hit on her, a year previous someone senior had also tried to kiss her and she had to confront him, she told me about all occurances and assured me she had handled it and i had nothing to worry about, as time went on i started feeling ...
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What Is Tax Exemption In Insurance?

Many insurance companies in India offer tax exemptions on purchase of their insurance policies. Royal Sundaram is a leading health insurance service provider in India. A colleague recently purchased a family health plan from them. Apart from offering complete protection to the insured family against sudden illness, accidents and unexpected hospitalization, they also have an option whereby the insured can avail of tax benefits under sec 80D of Income Tax Act.
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Who Is Eligible For Medicare And Medicaid?

Most US citizens get Medicare Part A for free when they turn 65 (or if disabled).
You then get the option to pay $88 a month for Part B (which you do).
This will cover 80% of most medical procedures, hospital stays, and doctor visits.
The other 20% gets paid by you, unless you get a supplemental insurance policy which I would highly recommend.
If you have private insurance or an HMO through your retirement ...
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Do You Think The Gov't. And The Medical Profession Are Pulling The Plug On Grandma?

I just heard of another case where medical treatment is being denied to a senior citizen.
My Brother in Law's brother has leukemia.
He said the doctors told him he could not have a bone marrow transplant to fight the disease because he is too old.
He's 69.
My doctor told me that if I were a little older they would not treat me for prostate cancer, I'm 64.
Are they trying to get rid ...




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