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Highlighting Text Recently Stopped Working, Help?

So it used to work fine before. I would select some text I just wrote, trying to copy it and for some reason when I let go of the left click button, it would unhighlight and highlight all the words before the text I just highlighted.

Here is an example: "hello, my name is mike." "how are you?"
I would try to highlight and copy the "how are you?" line and when I let ...
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Me And 3 Buddys Are Driving To Canada?

Hello, my name is Alan and ive done this question once already but id like to get more answers....

Me and 3 buddys are traveling to canda and staying 30 days this summer by car, we all live in mexico except for my couzin... me and my cousin are us citizens, of ages 17 and 18, my other buddys are 16 and its 2 of them, they are both mexican citizens, im gonna ...
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Will Republicans Win Many Votes In The Retirement State Of Florida By Running On A Platform To Reduce Medicare?

If they were only talking about reducing benefits, no.
But what the Republicans have put forward is not a reduction of benefits but the complete elimination of Medicare and replacing it with Private for profit Insurance with vouchers that will do nothing to guarantee medical care.
In point of fact Medicare was created because seniors could not buy Medical Insurance because there is no profit to covering seniors who WILL get sick.

Enough ...

Should I Buy A Very Nice Custom Made Cpu, Or A Cheap Car?

I'm at a loss right now, and I need your guys help so thats why Im asking it here because I know I'll get a decent answer.

1) I really want a CPU

2) I'm going to need a car in about 2 years for college

3) Im 17 and Im going to be a senior next year in the summer

4) SO should I wait on ...
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Is Medical Insurance Affordable In Puerto Rico?

I am a senior of 61 years, considering a move to Puerto Rico.
Can anyone tell me if the health insurance industry there is about the same as here (California), where a person my age would pay an arm & a leg for coverage?

I know Mexico has affordable plans, but I have no idea about Puerto Rico.

Read more : Is Medical Insurance Affordable In Puerto Rico? | Views : 1442 | Replies : 1

How Do People Get Help With Disabled People Who Are Not Senior Citizens Yet?

on long term disability, but that does not pay for help with them unless they need a nurse....medicaid from my understanding does not offer this service either...i would have to pay someone to stay with them and everywhere i checked they make about 1 1/2 times more than i would make....so am i stuck staying at home just because he became disabled too early?.....Help.

If You Have A Government Job (cia, Nsa, Etc) Is There A Chance You Will Be Spied On?

When a federal government position requires a security clearance, before you can take the position you agree to have an examination by federal officers, including the FBI, or your private life. In truth, the security exam is not significantly different from that done by a variety of private sources when you apply for medical or health insurance, a mortgage, bank loan, or even job applications.

The exam is done after consent, but the ...

If You're Over 67, Do You Have To Pay A Monthly Premium To Get Medicare Or Is It 100% Tax-funded?

You don't pay a premium for Part A , but you do for Part B. Supplementary insurance to cover all medical expenses is very costly. That's why we need Single Payer insurance to make health care more affordable

Hope this helps

Should Obama In His Second Term Introduces Obamadental For Dental Insurance For Seniors Above 70 Years Old?

I know this isnt a serious question but I will put my 2 cents in. I am that age and I had no dental problems as a young person. I dont have dentures and dont want them. Instead, I spend thousands from my social security to save my teeth.
Many young people have dental problems and dont want to pay to see a dentist because they expect the government to pay for everything. When you ...

What's The Difference Between Whole Life Insurance And Senior Life Insurance?

In most cases a "senior" life plan is a whole life plan, and is generally sold as a burial or a final expense plan.




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