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How Can I Live Being A Father Of Some Other Guys Baby?

I was told that the baby was her Ex-boyfriends... then during this last summer she tells me that i might get upset from what she was about to say. she had cheated on her ex with some random guy from a dating website who had a kid and a girlfriend. I had no clue; i took it hard because she lied to me about the whole thing. i almost felt like leaving her and just ...
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When The Jerusalem Council Outlawed "sexual Immorality," Did That Include Men Having Sex With Men?

Acts 15:24 We have heard that some went out from us without our authorization and disturbed you, troubling your minds by what they said. 25 So we all agreed to choose some men and send them to you with our dear friends Barnabas and Paul? 26 men who have risked their lives for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 27 Therefore we are sending Judas and Silas to confirm by word of mouth what ...

How Do I Obtain Individual Short Term Disability Insurance?

I got an offer from a small firm but they do not offer short term disability insurance. I want to have one just incase I get pregnant and need to take a maternity leave so I get paid during the maternity leave. I've called few insurance companies and they dont do individual short term disability insurance? What's my best option? Any ideas? Thanks
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Will You Be Denied Social Security For A Total Disability If You Have Savings In Your Account?

You savings have nothing to do with being disabled.
You disability payments will be based on what your income was before you stopped working.
However, your disability income is taxable if you have other income or assets over a certain amount.

Be patient while going through the process.
It took my wife 3 years and a lawyer.

Can I Ask For Some Honest Advice?

why would u think about ur cousin if she deleted u from facebook

when u buy ur cousin an airline ticket to visit you for the first time in a new place, how does it show you care/love her

why would u send her this

24 Things to Always Remember. . .

your presence is a present to the world.

You?re unique and one of ...
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My Husband And I Are Trying To Conceive. Should I Get Disability Insurance In Case My Pregancy Is Not Smooth?

I am 36, and I am being told by many people to take out disability insurance just in case I need extra time off before the baby is born---people are saying --"Get insurance before you get pregnant!"

Athiesm Is Dummer Than Religion?

I'm assuming the **** means "love," since you theists are so loving.
And, it's dumber, not dummer.
But then you wouldn't know that, would you?
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I Just Changed Jobs. Do I Have Short Term Disability When I Give Birth?

I am on COBRA insurance though my parents as I have been in bettween jobs for a while now.
I am pregnant and just got another job, but I will not be going on their insurance plan until after the baby is born.
Will I get paid while on maternity leave.
Who would pay, my new job or my COBRA insurance.
Am I eligible for assistance through the state? Im very confused.

How Much Does It Cost To Be Tested For Learning Disabilities?

I know I have an auditory processing issue because I was tested while in highschool, but they dismissed my case since I took IB courses (similar to AP, but in an international level).I'm a sophomore in college and my GPA is border-line failing. I tried studying for hours, but it didn't work. I need to be evaluated again so I can get assistance.

How much is the price range? Can insurance cover it?
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Should I Get A Lifeproof?

I want it for taking underwater pictures I would also get the life jacket for it but I was wondering if it is worth $80 and does it really work underwater or will it ruin my phone. Should I just buy a gopro I was going to get an ipad but I could just not get the ipad or lifeproof and get a gopro hero 3 silver edition. The lifeproof would be for iphone 5.
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