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I'm Planning On Getting Life Insurance Through State Farm. I'm 18. Is This Plan Good?

Me being 18, they told me its the best time to get it because it's the cheapest I'll be able to. They quoted a 25,000 dollar plan at $22 a month, which will NEVER go up, even if I'm 84. Unless of course I upgrade to a 50,000 dollar plan. I have car insurance already with them, and it would make my car insurance go down by 4 bucks a month. Is all this good?

Should You Notify Your Beneficiaries That You Have A Life Insurance Policy?

I am 22 and I get free life insurance from my company. I am not married, am not involved with anyone, and I don't have kids.

My company is making me choose at least one beneficiary because I have to... I was skeptical about that because I don't want to leave anything to anyone. Not to be selfish, but I am afraid that the money will be misused and not put toward a ...

How Can I Arrange To Be Cremated When I Die And My Ashes Buried In My Mother's Cemetery Plot?

Go to a funeral home and pre arrange and pre pay for your funeral. (They will take an insurance policy made out to them as payment).
They will also check with the cemetery, who will check with rightful owners of the plot.
Bear in mind you will most probably still be required to by law be in a concrete vault.
This is the law in most states, and might actually be a Federal Offense.
Your ...

Why Do Many Dislike Obamacare?

It is already facing $1.3 trillion in cost overruns.
The Democrats told the CBO not to consider certain factors which would have provided a more realistic cost estimate.
And full implementation is still 2 years away.

And just in case you trust the CBO, they projected that Medicare would cost $12 billion by 1990.
The real cost was $107 billion.

I don't want to pay for the health care of others. ...
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Uk National Insurance No..... Funeral Advice?

As you are pertaining to be a funeral director, which I don't believe for one minute then you should know that you do not need a NI number to arrange a funeral.
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Life Insurance For Minors?

Life insurance on your minor child is always a good idea to ensure you have the money for burial services without creating a financial burden on yourself.
I'm sure you could start a savings account, though that seems rather morbid and you're left to whatever money is in the account at the child's time of passing.
A good agent will help you discuss what services you would look to hold and give you the best ...
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What Does A Funeral Home Do With All Of The Money Families Use To Pay For A Loved Ones Funeral?

If the deceased had life insurance then the money goes to the beneficiary of the estate.

I Want To Join The Air Force But I'm Unable Due To Having A Two Month Old Daughter With My Girlfriend?

I've talked to a recruiter and all I would need to join is to be married...but if I get married just to join it's considered fraud..

Legal Advise About 2 Year Old Will, Executor Not Following Through?

When my father was ill, both him and I went over our options of who to choose for executor of his will. We settled on a member of the church my father attended, who just happened to be a lawyer who specializes in wills and such. We asked if he would be willing to help my father by being the executor of his will, and he agreed to do so without mentioning any need for ...




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