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Insurance Compliance Violation?

I moved from Maryland to Tennessee just as my insurance was expiring, but still had a whole year left to my tags. When I talked to my insurance company about it, they said just to get insurance when I moved. So I got insurance before there was any lapse of insurance, and NO ONE told me I needed to switch over my MD tags. My insurance company had asked me what tags I had and ...
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Is Having Children A Requirement For Navy Command Sponsorship On Oversea Pcs?

My husband just got orders to Sasebo, Japan and we are still trying to figure out if I will be able to go with him or not.
I've been doing a lot of reading online and I read in a military forum that if you don't have children your overseas tour will not be command sponsored. Is this true? I will post the info I found below. http://forums.military.com/eve/forums/a/...

7.) Special note if there are ...

Am I Supposed To Have A Copy Of My General Liability Insurance Certificate?

No, normally you get the policy.
You can always ASK for a copy of all the certificates that get issued.

A certificate isn't anything special - it's written up differently for each "holder" - each person that asks you for proof of insurance.
My larger clients, will have 500 to 1500 certificates issued, every year, and they don't want copies.
Even many smaller contractors can easily have 50 to 100 certificates issued (each ...

Is This Wrong What I've Done?

Why do you care what she thinks? Whether wrong or not you have to stop letting other's actions affect your life so much.
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How Much My Insurance Be On A Lamborghini? ?

To be honest, I think you will find it impossible at that age. Insurers are reluctant to take on Lamborghinis from experienced drivers, and will certainly not take them on from young inexperienced drivers.

The company I work for recently had a very famous pop star wanting to insure a Ferrari with us. He had a lot of business with us, but we were still wary of doing it. In the end, we ...
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Do I Need To Insure A Car If It's Not Being Driven?

So I want to buy a car and use it as a project. I want to buy a cheap car and fix it up and mod it etc. I don't plan to drive it. It will be in my garage all the time until i start driving (I'm 17 at the moment) and then I will set up the insurance etc. Is this fine? because i dont see why i'd need to insure it. Oh ...
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Survey: What Type Of Car Insurance Do You Have?

full coverage with ameriprise, cheaper than the other (popular) companies when I called around for quotes.
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General Election May 6th 2010?

I am curious to hear who people are voting for, and more importantly WHY?

A few things people need to know before they go voting for the wrong reasons:

Firstly Liberal Democrats want to give amnesty for Britain's approximate 700,000 illegal immigrants, Push us further into the European Union (EU) and adopt the EURO currency, Tackle the Deficit Immediately (although not a bad thing) that means more money from the tax ...
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What Is With The Worksheet/trial Balance?

Union Company wants to prepare a worksheet for the month of December 2007. The following information was taken from the general ledger:

Number Account Amount

101 Cash $500

102 Accounts Receivable $1,000

104 Vehicle $7,500

105 Equipment $2,000

201 Accounts Payable $1,000

205 Ross Capital $10,000

300 Sales $4,500

301 Ad Expense $500

302 Insurance ...
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Should We Dump All The Tax Double Talk And Just Have A Single Federal Tax Even If It Is Progressive Rates?

There is no Social security fund. You could base social security on taxes paid in to the system. The more you cheat the less you get.

There is no medicare fund. It goes into the general fund.

Social Security is not insurance. Medicare is not insurance. They are taxes. Telling people they are insurances is misleading.




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