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Low Income Housing Solution For Disabled Mother?

Disability Insurance News & Discussion

Low Income Housing Solution For Disabled Mother?

Postby Avrill » Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:07 pm

My mother is disabled, 58 years old, and living in Florida (Melbourne).
She receives disability and a bit of alimony for about $1500 a month for her total income.
She can get around ok but doesn't do well with stairs.
We are trying to find her an affordable place to live.
What are our options? Section 8? HUD? Keep looking for a cheap ground-floor apartment? Obviously we don't want her in a crime-riddled area but most low-income places we have seen left much to be desired.
I do not know what type of insurance she has but she has told us in the past that it will only help her pay for supervised housing for medical issues (hopefully that makes sense to someone).
Right now she is living in a 55+ community, able to make rent with help from a roommate.
Unfortunately the owner has decided to sell the property and the roommate is moving on as well, leaving her to find a place for herself.
We live in government quarters out of state that does not allow roommates, so she cannot stay with us.
We have about 4 months to find her a place.
Please help.
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Low Income Housing Solution For Disabled Mother?

Postby Dain » Thu Aug 31, 2017 11:46 pm

You do not ought to have his birthday in view that he is not grateful in any respect. I guess he is going to whine about some thing you give him anyways. It sucks to lose him like this, however I feel as soon as he breaks up along with her, he will want to come again. Just say no on the grounds that he is an adult and the way in which he acted closer to you is something you do not deserve. He will not study some thing if you happen to let him come again. He is now not a three yr historical anymore, he's a big boy, he can manage it. Even he begs, don't let him in. He called you two a waste of time! You two went through rather a lot so that you may elevate him! You do not deserve this. But this is most effective out of your aspect's story. I believe finding out without his facet of the story is unfair for both of you. So I advocate you to talk to him or/and speak to female friend's mom. Don't go by myself, go with your husband and spot if that helps any. If they don't wish to receive your sayings or insult you back for no longer in a position to present him what he desires, leave them be. If he is that unhealthy, that relationship would not last anyways.
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Low Income Housing Solution For Disabled Mother?

Postby Iona » Fri Sep 01, 2017 1:33 pm

Don't look for "low income" housing.
Look for regular housing.
There are LOTS of apartments in the Melbourne area with rents below $600 per month.
Mom can easily afford that.
If that too is too expensive, then look inland.
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Low Income Housing Solution For Disabled Mother?

Postby Axton » Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:28 am

IF your Mom can manage for herself (she could get a caregiver if she qualifies for Medi-aid), she can find another senior building that is HUD authorized. Some are 55+, some are 62+. The rent is reduced under various tax codes. Like code 42 would mean she would pay about 2/3 of the average rent in the area. These places are NOT always in "bad" neighborhoods...some are quite nice. The ones I am more familiar with are Independent living, so that may be important. Forget Section 8!

She would need to show income of twice the rent or have a co-signer make the difference.

HUD info/listings in FL. https://www.disability.gov/housing http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=...
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Low Income Housing Solution For Disabled Mother?

Postby Howi » Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:30 am

She can find a senior apartment which will charge her 30-40% of her income. There may be a waiting list but that is worth the wait. It should be a few months. She doesnt have a few years to wait for Section 8 but this is similar to how Sec 8 works and for seniors only. But it cannot be a HUD building that requires you to be 62, only one for age 55 or 58.

I see where she is already in a senior community. So, find another one that is subsidized. She is not really low income since the average senior lives on $1200.
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Low Income Housing Solution For Disabled Mother?

Postby Deylin » Tue Sep 05, 2017 2:57 am

There is a wait list for section 8 and averages 4 yrs.

Low income housing will always be in seedy neighborhoods.
Mom's only option is for you to contribute Cash toward her rent or Mom moves in with a roommate.
Check the County Website for low income housing and see if any fit your requirements.
I doubt mom has insurance for assisted living.
If she is talking about Medicaid they only pay for nursing home.
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Low Income Housing Solution For Disabled Mother?

Postby mathieu » Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:49 am

It doesn't sound like mom is a candidate for low income housing based upon your criteria, and instead she needs to seek a similar arrangement to her present one.
In other words, she needs to find a new roommate or maybe 2.
The more the merrier and the more the smaller share of rent she will need to pay.
This gives you a new section of the classified ads to check out for potential possibilities.
She might very well have to relocate for the sake of finding something affordable.
I wouldn't expect Mom to be too happy with such a realization that living alone is not an option and she may have to move in with a stranger, but it is up to you to make her understand her limited options.
Good Luck
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