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I'm Losing Medicaid After I Have My Baby? Help?

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I'm Losing Medicaid After I Have My Baby? Help?

Postby menzies » Sat Jul 20, 2013 3:51 pm

I'm 18 and 5 months pregnant. I am living with my mother so I have some help when my baby is born in November. My mother had talked to the people at medicaid yesterday and said once I have my baby I will be off medicaid and my baby will be on it only for a year. Which I don't get at all. I thought I would be on it until I turned 19 in March. But they said no. I need a little advice in what to do. I can't afford really any bills at the moment. Everything is going to prepare for baby. Should I be able to re-apply after I have my baby?
Side Note: I am not with the father. He has no job at the moment and all the jobs he is able to get don't have medical. If this makes a difference, I live in Nebraska.
Thank you in advance. Please no rude comments.
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I'm Losing Medicaid After I Have My Baby? Help?

Postby gonzalo59 » Sat Jul 20, 2013 3:55 pm

even though he doesn't have a job I would still go an file for child support after the baby is born he helped create that baby he needs to help pay for it babies are so expensive also are you planning on going to work after you have the baby if so apply to jobs that offers health insurance it's not the best job but if you work for walmart they offer health insurance to employees after a year of working there so that would help you out an as for hospital bills don't worry about paying it off as fast as possible I mean if you have the money to pay it off ASAP then do it but if not then just pay a little bit at a time they can't say anything as long as you are paying something
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I'm Losing Medicaid After I Have My Baby? Help?

Postby calfhierde » Sat Jul 20, 2013 3:58 pm

That's normal. It's pregnancy Medicaid and it's only for the baby. Medicaid pay for all expenses related to the pregnancy and the aftercare of the pregnancy. In some states Medicaid will pay for family planning for one year after the birth, which birth control.

And the baby should receive medicaid for as long as needed if you meet the income requirements.

I'm not sure what you thought Medicaid was going to do or what bills you think you need to pay. Oh and because you live with your Mom and you're under 22, your income is whatever your mom's is. So if her income exceeds the requirements then you don't get anything, like Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc.
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I'm Losing Medicaid After I Have My Baby? Help?

Postby derby53 » Sat Jul 20, 2013 4:14 pm

You do need to apply for child support if you want any help from the state, but like others said if the household income exceeds whatever amount, you won't get the Medicaid. You can apply for WIC and see what happens.

If you do every get any assistance they may also take your child support money to recoup their expense of giving it to you, or at least a part of it. Here in Michigan things are changing and my son is 20 and lost his Medicaid, he doesn't even work. I've been off it for awhile despite my low income. When my daughters turned 18 the state got every bit of the arrears because I had a food card. Really sucks.
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I'm Losing Medicaid After I Have My Baby? Help?

Postby tavish55 » Sat Jul 20, 2013 4:16 pm

You can apply but it is based in your household income and the father must be put in child support. This is what happens when you have a child without the means to support the child.
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