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Loop Hole To My Son Not Having Insurance?

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Loop Hole To My Son Not Having Insurance?

Postby Azarlah » Wed Sep 20, 2017 5:35 am

He has his license but I don't wanna pay for the extra insurance any loopholes? If he gets into a wreck
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Loop Hole To My Son Not Having Insurance?

Postby Fonzo » Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:13 pm

There is NO loop hole.
He lives in your house and has his license you pay extra to have him covered.

Penny wise pound foolish not to do so.
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Loop Hole To My Son Not Having Insurance?

Postby Jarrel » Thu Sep 21, 2017 6:48 am

seriously? no, no loopholes
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Loop Hole To My Son Not Having Insurance?

Postby Brittan » Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:00 am

There's no "loophole".
If he's not listed on your policy, he's not covered driving your car.
Your car isn't covered, either - and neither is all the damage he does to everyone else, and their car, when he slams into them.

You're trying to commit insurance fraud, here . . . and it always boggles my mind, how people think they are so much smarter than the insurance companies who've had hundreds of thousands of people try to cheat them in the past . . .

Ain't gonna work.
You'll end up screwing yourself over.
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Loop Hole To My Son Not Having Insurance?

Postby Abir » Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:23 pm

You did not tell us your STATE.
As you know, state laws vary from state to state.

It is really important to have auto insurance.
All of your vehicles need to be insured.
But insurance follows the vehicle.
Each state may have different requirements regarding the list of designated drivers on the policy, apparently.
So if your son is not listed as a "driver," and he drives a car, then that is a big problem, and maybe there is no coverage? I am only guessing.
I do not live in that kind of state.

I live in Minnesota.
Anyone who drives my car with permission is a "permissive user," and they are also an "insured driver." That includes anyone, including any family member, that we neglected to list as a driver on the policy.

So when my daughter got her drivers license at age 16, I bought her a Honda Civic.
The Honda was listed in my name, and I put full coverage on the car.
I did NOT list my daughter as a driver on the insurance policy.
And yet, she was fully covered.

(The reason I bought my daughter a car is because after she finished 10th grade, she decided to drop out of high school, skip grades 11 and 12, and go directly into college.
And she needed the car to drive to college.
By the way, she recently graduated from college with "high honors." Just have to brag a little.)

She was also involved in two auto accidents.
But fortunately, the accidents were not her fault, and so we did not have to report them to our insurance.
We collected on the damage directly from the other party's insurance.
(If we had reported it to our insurance company, they would have figured out that she was not listed as a driver, and they would have sent a note to underwriting to add her as a driver, and of course, raise our rates because she is a youthful driver.) But they would have still covered the auto accident even if she was not listed as a driver.

Things may work differently in your state.
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Loop Hole To My Son Not Having Insurance?

Postby Hallil » Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:07 pm

The only loophole is that if you can move without him, or make him move without you, then you will not have to pay extra.
The extra charge is only required if you and he are living in the same place.
If you live in different places, there is a loophole.
If you live in the same place, then there are no loopholes.
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Loop Hole To My Son Not Having Insurance?

Postby Arkwright » Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:08 am

What I do with my stepson is I make him pay the difference between what the cost of the policy was with my wife and I and what it cost to add him.
And its cheaper if you get him a crap car and list him as the primary driver of the crap car.

My insurance company requires that all licensed drivers be covered.
You can make him get his own policy if you don't want to go the first route I listed.
Then you can get an exemption on him and you can prove he has his own insurance.

I feel if he doesn't have a job and can't pay of insurance and gas he has no business driving.
And if that case I'd make him go to DMV and turn in his license.
He can get it again when he can pay for it.
It's basic responsbility.
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