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Ladies: Would It Be Creepy To Ask This Woman Out? Help!?

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Ladies: Would It Be Creepy To Ask This Woman Out? Help!?

Postby Galt » Tue Oct 03, 2017 3:34 pm

I met a business woman at a career fair last Thursday who was representing her insurance company. I decided to wait at a table and look over a few handouts. This business woman, who was standing at her table, kept glancing my way. While I was at the table alone, I caught her looking at me a few times, gazing, smiling? and then she said, ?Having a hard time finding which company to talk to?? Then she smiled again. After that we talked a bit.

When I was done talking to her, I walked around other tables at the job fair. But whenever I was 50-100 feet away from her, I always caught her looking my way a couple of times even though the room was really empty.

I got her business card and email. Wanted to ask her out but decided not to because I wanted to stay professional. I took a shot at emailing her last week on Thursday? letting her know I had a great time talking with her. I also complimented her in the email and let her know she was very beautiful but didn?t end the email by asking questions.

Haven?t heard from her yet. Not sure if she was interested in me? Been having second thoughts about sending her another email and ASKING HER OUT. Should I do this ladies? It?s been 6 days and I?m about to give up because I don?t think she?s possibly interested??.thoughts? I also have her cell phone number since it was on her business card. Should I text/call her? Or add her on Facebook (I searched her name there)?
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Ladies: Would It Be Creepy To Ask This Woman Out? Help!?

Postby Glen » Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:00 pm

Just leave it go. If she likes you, she will respond. I honestly just think she was being nice. Your want to call or Facebook her comes off a little creepy. Just stop obsessing over her.
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Ladies: Would It Be Creepy To Ask This Woman Out? Help!?

Postby Alberic » Wed Oct 04, 2017 1:53 am

im not a lady but my aspect on it is you got to step your game up
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Ladies: Would It Be Creepy To Ask This Woman Out? Help!?

Postby Budd » Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:44 pm

i'm a school freshman who's in no way had a GF, yet i've got see nenoug ht oanswer. i'm somewhat conscious that quite a few men are scared that their physique, etc, and such ,will cause them to come for the duration of as a 'rapist'... and, they dont % to get screwed over... on the otherhand, rejectio...it performs a bigger function than you think of. an occasion If i asked a woman, at my college, in the numerous union, if she wanted to pass out, and she or he mentioned no, and laughed... i could be embarrassed greater importantly, I"D comprehend that the possibilities of working into her lower back sooner or later are intense, in spite of a school of a million/2 a a hundred 000 ppl ....it occurs/. and, ......what could she do, could she 'mock ' me, or constantly seem at me rather in no way discuss with me... thats a nEXAMPLE concern , that shows what huys are probably thinking.. possibly many dont understand, that the consequeces of such, and the dangers, may well be a great way greater desirable tha nthey understand.... individually, i think boys and ladies could desire to as ok one yet another out, AND.... technically, there ARE woman rapers.....besides... yet, rejection is a extensive undertaking......
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