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I Just Heard A Liberal In Favor Of Health Care Reform Say . . .?

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I Just Heard A Liberal In Favor Of Health Care Reform Say . . .?

Postby mavrick » Wed Sep 20, 2017 2:34 am

So let me get this straight... you want ME to take responsibility for what I do? That is preposterous. I mean I am one person, they are lawyers and doctors and such and obviously know better than I what is good for me. Lol. I tried, I can't keep up that level of sarcasm. I have been telling people they need to take personal responsibility for quite some time on here to no avail. I do not understand what happened to pride, personal responsibility and the ability to take care of ones self. But it has been almost completely bled from the american culture. Asking people to take personal responsibility lately seems like asking them to kill people. It is looked upon with disdain and contempt. Asking people to be prideful and take care of themselves gets you called a corporate pig, who hates other people and the poor. You are labeled a xenophobe, you are labeled racist, you are labeled anything but a responsible person who makes sure their life is in order before trying to help others. I do not know when people forgot that to truly help others you must first help yourself, but it is lost. We are in a sad state right now in this country and I am not sure if we can get back on track without first feeling the oppression of a tyrannical government hell bent of power. Maybe Obama is what the country needs. We need to see his level of power hunger, we need to experience total control to remember why it is my grandfather fought in WWII, to remember why my father fought the cold war, to remember why we fought against the true tyranies of the world to ensure freedom. I hope we do not need it. But we just might.

Civilty-Whereas: We spend over $2 trillion for healthcare in the US, yet 50 million are still not covered and another 50 million are being denied care by their insurance companies; Where did you get your nubmers on this? Do you ever take into account how many of these uninsured simply choose not to have insurance, or are illegal immigrants? of course not, lets not even think about that fact that these are inflated numbers that include those on medicare and medicaid. Lets again not even think about the fact that the entire crisis has been fabricated by the left and was a non issue a year ago, until Obama forced it to be an issue.

Whereas: Whereas the healthcare coverage in the United States is ranked #37 in the world by the World Health Organization and yet we spend almost twice as much as any other country, enough to cover everybody with excellent comprehensive healthcare; Yea canada and England have such wonderful health care. That is why everyone who can afford it comes here for their care instead of staying home.

Whereas: A bill has been proposed in Congress, HR-676, non-profit Medicare for All, that outlines a national health care program that will provide guaranteed choice, quality affordable health care and prescription drugs to everyone in the country; And put literally thousand upon thousands of people out of work. Yah! Nothing I love more than putting people out of work "For the greater good"

Whereas: Over 15,000 doctors have signed on in favor of this plan, including two former U.S. Surgeons General; Please I must know where you got this fabricated number. My father is a doctor. So I know quite a few doctors and every single on is against any sort of socialized medicine. The AMA voted firmly agaisnt supporting the bill we have in congress now. I believe there were 15 desenters who voted to support the bill. WOW 15, all the others that voted against it are probably just loons who only care about their income though. The other 15 are the only doctors who truly care about us. Or maybe its because they have worked in other countries and they have studied and they understand that our system has worked for a very long time and Socialized medicine means waiting on life saving treatments, or even an MRI. It means lines and politicians deciding your fate instead of you and your doctor.

Whereas: Under this proposed plan, we can pay for a comprehensive national health care program with the same money we are now spending by removing insurance companies -- and cover every single person in the United States; Again taking a huge chunk out of GDP, and costing thousands of people their jobs. Of course they are all evil people right?

And Whereas: The bill provides money for retraining and giving priority to those whose jobs as administrators in the insurance industry would be lost as a result of this shift; Seriously, what exaclty does retraining mean? So you want to take away their job, then force them into another job? They probably already went to college, and paid for it. Now you want me to pay for their college again?

Be it Resolved That: We call on our members of Congress to pass HR 676, non-profit Medicare for All, so our people and our nation can have the excellent health care system we deserve. Health care is a human right, and we call on our members of Congress to recognize that right. Pl.ease show me where in the constitution we are granted the right to health care? We are graned the promise of the PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS. we are not promised happiness. Take personaly responsibility and get healthcare for yourself.
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I Just Heard A Liberal In Favor Of Health Care Reform Say . . .?

Postby whitcomb » Fri Sep 29, 2017 4:32 am

We have been under the private healthcare insurance system for decades and, as you most accurately stated, we have become the most overweight lazy country in the world.
That tells me that the current system does not promote good health decision making.
In fact, their profit margin depends on Americans making bad health decisions.

Therefore, the answer to your question is yes, we need the government to help us prevent heart disease and other health related issues.
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I Just Heard A Liberal In Favor Of Health Care Reform Say . . .?

Postby Aethelstun » Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:15 pm

By the end of 2010, cancer will be the #1 killer of Americans.
I don't think that has a lot to do with McDonald's and Kool-Aid
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