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Job Advice: Looking For Work Whilst Working?

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Job Advice: Looking For Work Whilst Working?

Postby whitney83 » Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:22 am

If you cant offer a detailed answer could you leave a link of an active forum with knowledgble people who can. thanks

if you dont want to hear my moan please scroll down to the bottom and answer the questions as best you can.

Anyway, whats the best way to go about moving to a new job whilst doing an apprenticeship.

Long story as short as posible.

I'm a 19 year old doing an apprenticeship completed year 1 and still been paid 2.40 even though the minium wage is £4.98 for people aged 19+ and in the 2cd year. also 3 months ago following a positive progress meeting she said she would think about raising my pay. I work very hard & frequently do unpaid overtime (usually cause there isnt enough time in the normal working day to get everything done).

I dislike my job because of:

poor pay

no opportunities

repetitive, boring and many times pointless tasks

dull atmosphere

the phone rings all the time and despite request from myself and others in the office my handset is the only one that rings

following conversations with people there I have been frequently recommend to leave whilst im young.

its an apprenticeship yet ive been doing more or less the same things since i started instead of learning

all in all once ive paid travel and eating expenses id be better off staying at home but im not that sort of person

I feel extremly demotivated by the fact im earning nothing meaningful. At the moment I'm learning to drive but again I feel demotivated cause i'll never be able to afford the insurance. My dad bought me a mini for my bday and its horrible to see the little thing sitting unloved in the garage.

My employer is ok but I still feel as though I'm been taken for a ride so im wondering whats the best way to go about changing to a better job. I noticed that aldi is paying very respectable wages for essential shelf stacking and i have many transferable skills and training qualifications. I'm not sure what I want to do but at the moment but i defintanly dont want to stay here.

So heres a few questions thanks for any decent answers;

1: my biggest question is whats the legal side of things?

Is there any paper work to deal with should i worry about that for the time being or do i just apply for jobs.

2: at what point does my employee need to know?

Do I wait till i have a job there waiting or does she need to know in advance to prepare anything. from discussions with a colluage im close with there the gaffer took very badly when she was caught looking for a job. the potential new employer called the current boss asking for a refrence and she shot down her dream job. i cant say i want that to happen to me. i dont want to burn any bridges but id imagine she would

3. what do i do about interviews?

as i said im learning to drive but for the time being really on public transport so going to interviews after work is near dam impossible. do i just be honest with my current boss and say this is how it is, im not happy hear and im trying for some interviews or do i lie and say my dads, brothers dog will get hit bus next week and i need tuesday off. I still have holidays 8 leaft.


any recomendations from people who have gone down this road?

thanks for reading all this any tips would be greatly appreciated
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Job Advice: Looking For Work Whilst Working?

Postby Fausto » Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:07 pm

You ordinarily haven't been displaying yet so sure it could be effortless for you to find a new job you do not need to tell them and so they can't ask I misplaced my job at 6 months pregnant and that i had a hell of a time discovering a brand new one nonetheless unemployed with a four week historic new child but I plan on watching again real quickly. Good luck to you.
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Job Advice: Looking For Work Whilst Working?

Postby mathieu » Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:28 pm

Sadly this kind of situation is all too common. I have been there, and according to a survey I recently saw, most employees feel this way.

I have no legal training, but I have to agree with Answerer @M: it seems you are being exploited, plus it is illegal to give a reference like that. Therefore, other than lying (just book as holidays), attend those job interviews.

These days a vehicle, and being able to operate it, are vital. Maybe ask your father to make your next present the insurance paid for. Tell him that being a driver will much increase your chances of getting a new job. Indeed, you might one day be able to pay it back (but do it as a special gift, not as cash).

It angers me how many/most employers take advantage of conscientious, driven young people like yourself. Even many graduates are expected to work as free Interns. It's just wrong!

In my pending startup businesses the personnel are not known as 'employees' nor 'workers', but "belongers". And I am not the 'Manager' nor "Boss", but the 'Chief Enabler'.

To help you find a career that suits your aptitudes, abilities and attitudes, try this:


I wish you much good luck in finding a decent job....
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Job Advice: Looking For Work Whilst Working?

Postby Myung-Dae » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:26 pm

The minimum wage is a legal wage minimum if you are not being payed that, you can sue your employer for all the money you are owed. Also I suggest applying for jobs whilst still working therefor atleast you have sone form of income in the meantime. If you are lucky enough to get an interview then either book the date on holiday or call in sick the night before say you have diarrhoea they won't question that haha. Also it is illegal to give a bad reference for someone. I was working with a useless boy and my boss let him off. A few months later someone called my boss asking for a reference and as usess as he was my boss had to give the best possible reference he could, so the fact you have described yourself as a good committed worker your boss cannot ruin your chances of getting a new job. I once was applying fr loads of jobs whilst working and had 3 interviews and just took the day off went to them all and was successful for one. I told my new employer I had to give in my monts notice and they said that's fine to start in a month so I handed in my notice then left after the month simple as that. Hope you find your dream job and everything goes well for you
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