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International Marketing

Postby tomek » Sat Sep 20, 2014 8:41 pm

what is international marketimg tactics,reasons for entering export marketing & organisation of an export department, export quality control, export finance?
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International Marketing

Postby Burchard » Sat Sep 20, 2014 11:00 pm




1.what is international marketimg tactics,

So what do we actually do? Well, of course a lot depends on your business, but there are some common tactics that usually work well. Building the foundation

Once you have a gauge on a market and the opportunities for your product or service, it is helpful to consider your marketing  TACTICS  in terms of the 13 P’s of International Marketing.

Product - what is your product or service and how must it be adapted to the market? DEVELOP   A   PRODUCT   PORTFOLIO  TACTICS


Price - what pricing strategy will you use? DEVELOP   A   PRODUCT  PRICING   PACKAGE  OF    TACTICS


Promotion - how will you make your customers aware of your product or service? DEVELOP   A    MIX  OF  PRODUCT   PROMOTION   TACTICS


Place - how and where will you deliver or distribute your product or service? DEVELOP   A   PRODUCT   DISTRIBUTION/ CHANNEL  SELECTION   TACTICS


Payment - how complex are international transactions? DEVELOP   COMMERCIAL  TERMS / TRADE   TACTICS.


Personnel - does your staff have the necessary skills? DEVELOP /  TRAIN  THE   EXPORT  DEPARTMENT   STAFF  TACTICS


Planning - have you planned your business, market, account, and sales calls? DEVELOP   AN  EXPORT DEVELOPMENT  BUSINESS  PLAN   TACTICS


Paperwork - have you completed all the required documentation? DEVELOP   AN EXPORT  DOCUMENTATION  PROCESS  TACTICS


Practices - have you considered differences in cultural and business practices? DEVELOP   A   PLANNED  APPROACH  TO  MANAGE   THE  EXPORT  MARKET  CULTURAL  ISSUES.


Partnerships - have you selected a partner to create a stronger market presence? DEVELOP   EXPORT  MARKET  DISTRIBUTORS  PARTNERSHIP   TACTICS


Policies - what are your current and planned policies? DEVELOP   EXPORT  DEVELOPMENT  POLICIES  TACTICS


Positioning - how will you be perceived in the market? DEVELOP   A   PACKAGE  OF  MARKET  POSITIONING  FOR  YOUR  PRODUCTS


Protection - have you assessed the risks and taken steps to protect your company and its intellectual property?



Once international marketing objectives are developed and in place for your company, the challenge becomes translating those targets into reality. Strong marketing tactics are the means to global success and when combined with a foundation of research, dedication and third-party support they can take your business wherever it needs to go.

Marketing vehicles

Once you have an idea of your target markets and unique selling points, you are in a position to start selecting the marketing vehicles that will drive your objectives. There are a wide range of possible marketing techniques and choosing the best one depends on your goals, budget and type of product and service. Trade shows and industry events: A trade show allows communication with a targeted audience of prospective customers, all gathered in the same place and primed to buy and make connections. Trade shows give you an opportunity to meet decision makers in person, introduce media contacts to your business and demonstrate your products first-hand. This has greater impact than a brochure or website and is more cost-effective than individual visits. In most cases, Harrison recommends trade shows as the ideal transition from market research into action.

“In an effort to know your competition and market and start getting your name out there, attending trade shows is a great first step. Exporters who pick the right trade show will find an assortment of all the major players in their industry. Not only are buyers and agents there, but competitors will be openly on display giving you an idea of who they are, how they operate, what they sell, their price points and packaging. This is all critical information when differentiating your product or service.

“However, it is important to plan your trip to a trade show three months to half a year in advance. Identify the decision makers you want to meet and make appointments. While the shows can be a cost-effective way to accomplish intensive market research, networking and relationship building in a short period, they require advanced planning. Everything needs to be scheduled before you arrive at the show.”

Exhibiting at a show can be expensive and usually requires appearing at the show for two to three years continuously. However, going to the show as an observer can be equally valuable. It is an ideal situation for networking and building relationship and your brand’s reputation. The key to an effective trade show visit is selecting a show tailored to your specific region and industry and arriving prepared.


Advertising: Advertising is the most obvious and expensive way to promote your product overseas. It is sold in a variety of mediums including newspapers, industry publications and radio and is usually most effective when conducted over a long period. Advertising can promote your product or services, increase brand awareness or inform your customers of changes to your offering or its price.

An interactive online ad might prove worthless if your target market is composed of senior citizens, therefore it is essential to identify your target market and develop messaging that will appeal to their specific needs before purchasing any advertising. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Public relations: Public relations(PR) is designed to ensure positive editorial coverage in trade and consumer media. Without polished PR, you run the risk of making a poor first impression on influential media figures. These people can have a powerful impact on your business success by shaping customer perceptions about your company and product. You should plan a public relations campaign well in advance of any newsworthy event such as a product launch. Hiring a professional PR consultant or agency can be helpful in the planning and execution of these events. Look for someone with a particular focus on the media and analysts who influence perceptions in your target market. Whoever you engage, ask for references and follow up to ascertain whether past clients were satisfied with their work and results.


Direct marketing: Promoting your business through direct mail can be an effective and affordable marketing strategy. This is especially true for high-tech companies exporting to Europe and North America, where direct marketing is an entrenched sales tool. Direct mail can help you reach targeted prospects cost-effectively.

Email is an extremely cheap way to contact customers. However, sending email en masse to cold prospects(spamming) can damage your reputation. You can build up opt-in email lists by asking visitors to your website if they would like to receive emailed updates and information. Including a reply device such as a voucher or weblink in such correspondence will assist in promoting an immediate response and provide a clear barometer of the number of responses. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sponsorship: Another effective way to promote your business and products is sponsorship. This refers to sponsoring conferences, seminars, publications, local events and promotions at trade shows. The intention is always to gain greater exposure for your company and build further brand recognition among the people that count.

For effective sponsorships, it pays to think creatively – especially if you have a low budget. This is one form of marketing where a well-executed and novel idea can create more buzz than expensive alternatives.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- web promotions

The web can play an important role in many of these marketing tactics. It also serves as a valuable link between  exporter and international buyers.

Search engine optimisation. A site without search engine presence is not going to help most businesses. Our SEO activities are based on well founded foundations that last. Email marketing. Regularly keeping your busines on your prospect's desktop with news and tips. Content management system to change featured products/services. Regularly changing featured products and services on your site based on collected visitor statistics and market trends provides interest to visitors and search engines. Articles and PR. Researching and publishing industry articles and press releases. Copywriting. Words that 'sell' your business properly can make a huge difference in pushing that customer to pick up the phone or sending that email. Online and offline marketing working together

It is important that any web based marketing activities(let's call them online marketing) are consistent with the other marketing activities(let's call them offline marketing). The reason for this is simple - online marketing is usually only part of your marketing activities. To be successful, you will probably also use other traditional activities(such as print advertising, direct mail, business directories etc). Everything should be co-ordinated and work together.


2.reasons for entering export marketing -provides  an  opportunity   to sell  to  other  overseas markets  your products/services

-provides  an opportunity  to sell your country's products/services

-creates  opportunity  to  expand  your  production

-helps to reduce  unit  cost  of  production

-helps  to  develop  new  products

-helps to develop  new  technology

-brings  in export  income

-builds  foreign  exchange reserves   for your  country

-more jobs  , means  more/ better  life  for  the  people

etc etc


3.organisation of an export department, THE  EXPORT DEPARTMENT  CONSISTS OF

-export  manager  [ reporting  to  the  CEO]

supported  by



-shipping  executive

supported  by

*shipping  assistant

-commercial  executive

supported  by

*commercial  assistant


4.export quality control, COMPANIES  MANAGE   THROUGH

SET  UP  professional services team is a group of seasoned quality professionals with a range of vertical expertise .

TEAM provides a wide range of services; turnkey implementations, software validation, mentoring programs, as well as training programs to create on-site autonomy and expertise. Implementation: TEAM  has a real-world approach to implementation focused on results. The implementation can be for a single-site, or for a comprehensive global roll-out. All implementations focus on getting sites up and running quickly and facilitating knowledge transfer for leave behind self-sufficiency.

Training: TEAM  offers a wide range of training. From software training for beginners or experts to training in customization, report writing, and use of the API/Integration tool as well as training in compliance standards such as TS 16949, AS 9100, and ISO 13485. Compliance: TEAM  professionals have helped companies achieve and streamline compliance in many industries; FDA regulated industries, discreet manufacturing, aerospace and defense, consumer product goods, and automotive. These experts can provide training or assistance with reaching your compliance goals. Validation: FDA  performs software validation on its own software or other systems covered by FDA regulations. TEAM  can guide your personnel in software validation projects, or our experienced team can perform the validation itself if you lack sufficient time or resources. Integration: Quality is about connecting all the dots. Not just those in the quality system. ==========================================

5.export finance?

range of financing facilities for  exporters including:

Direct Loans Export Finance Guarantees Documentary Credit Finance and Guarantees Bonds In addition,  offer the following insurance facilities to protect investors overseas and their financiers against the risk that political events will affect a project's financial performance: Political Risk Insurance Export Payments Insurance Unfair Bond Calling Insurance ==================================================================



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