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Info On Starting A Pet Sitting In My Home - Nh?

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Info On Starting A Pet Sitting In My Home - Nh?

Postby Conant » Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:13 pm

I need to find info on what type of rules (laws) on doing pet boarding in my home, as a business, I do take care of some dogs, of people, that I work for now, on a small scale of 2 to 3 times a year, but would like to do more.
But need to know what the laws are of offering this type of service in my home.
Would like input form other people that have done this.
Many thanks,
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Info On Starting A Pet Sitting In My Home - Nh?

Postby Cadwy » Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:49 am

List of Main Pet Sitter Insurers

and a pet sitter insurance comparison chart http://www.petsits.com/insurance.htm

You will need a Federal Tax ID Number... you can get that at http://www.irs.gov

You will need a business license from your city... You will need liability insurance... LOTS AND LOTS of liability insurance...

You should dedicate a portion of your home to the business so that you can have a better time drawing the line between "Home" and "Business" for tax reasons.

You should incorporate so that you can make your business distinct from your personal. You will be able to "Lease" a portion of your home to the Business Entity, i.e. your pet sitting company.

You will need to work up advertising.

You will need to get software like Quickbook's to keep track of all of your expenses and invoicing.

You will need a separate business bank account.

Check out http://www.sba.gov for some REALLY good info on starting your own business.

As for the Laws - Pet Sitting:


[edit] Insurance and bonding

[edit] Insurance

Most professional pet sitters are insured through nationwide Pet Sitter insurance providers.

As of 2007, the major American and Canadian pet sitting insurance providers include claim limits from 2 million to 4 million per claim for liability claims. They also include coverage for care, custody, and control of the client pets from $10,000 to $200,000 per occurrence. Coverage is included for fire damage, lost keys, and other negligence claims. Because many North American pet sitting insurers do not provide coverage to minors, most professional pet sitters are over eighteen years of age.

As of 2007, the major UK pet sitting insurance providers include similar claim coverages as the USA providers. The limits for liability claims range from £750 to £10,000. [1]

Most pet sitter insurance plans provide coverage for pet transport. They also provide services for most animals, except those that may be used for other business ventures, including farming.

Some resources recommend that pet sitters be bonded. That recommendation has been dismissed by many professional organizations in recent years.

[edit] Bonding

A dishonesty or fidelity bond claim generally applies when a pet sitter is convicted in criminal court of theft from a client home. When the pet sitter is convicted, the bond will reimburse the client for the loss, and then seek reimbursement from the pet sitter. This process often requires many years, and usually relies on a criminal law court conviction.

Many pet sitters have decided to seek actual insurance coverage for theft instead of procuring a bond. Theft insurance coverage does not require convictions, and usually includes coverage for accidental breakage, mysterious disappearance, and accidental damage to items in a client home.

[edit] Other insurance topics

Pet sitters are generally not protected from injury to themselves by regular pet sitting liability coverage. Pet sitter liability insurance usually covers injury to other people and other pets.

List of Main Pet Sitter Insurers

and a pet sitter insurance comparison chart

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