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How Do You Insure Your Safety When Traveling To Mexico?

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How Do You Insure Your Safety When Traveling To Mexico?

Postby Oswell » Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:31 am

Hi Kingfish, I'm sorry to see that only clowns have answered up until now. It's good to see that you're concerned for your safety, but rest assured that things aren't as bad as the media paints the situation. Remember that they're trying to sell newspapers and airtime, and nothing sells like a little bit of sensationalism.

A city like Puerto Vallarta is a very friendly city that thrives on tourism.
It is also, as a matter of fact, one of the safest big cities in Mexico (by big I mean 200k+ pop).

Are there kidnappings in Mexico, yes, are there kidnappings everywhere else in the world, yes as well.
The problem with kidnappings in Mexico that you are referring to are of the following nature: drug cartels get in a fight, and they kidnap/pick up a guy from another cartel that can give them intel and then they kill that person.

The other nature of kidnappings are ones were innocent people in fact do get kidnapped which is where kidnapping rings look for people who have a routine, get to know their routine, and then nab this person who can pay the randsom that is asked for.
These rings are usually present where drug cartels are present. This is the case because many times they are the same people, or know the same people and therefore are located in the same place as the drug cartels. This means that the border areas are the more dangerous parts.
But you're going to be in Puerto Vallarta. One thing has nothing to do with the other. Not only do you not have a routine and hence predictability in the city you're going to, nobody knows if you have any money.
I would just exercise common sense, and if you're walking into an establishment with people that would look shady in the US, then don't go into that place in Mexico, either.

A different point of view:

Consider being scared about visiting omaha, nebraska because you've heard about how bad the terrorism in the US.
Terrorism, terrorism, red alert, orange alert, al quaeda, taliban bla bla bla...All this talk, all this action, homeland security, and nothing has happenned on American soil for seven years, albeit the last time was TERRIBLE, but nonetheless the story the government sells the public isn't reality, terrorists cells aren't living next door to you, and taking more than 3 fl. oz doesn't mean you're preventing bombs on airplanes, etc etc.
But fear mongers have made a ton of money, just like members of the media make money off of selling you fear in Mexico.

Don't fall for their gimics, don't fall for the troubles. Think the problem thru a little bit and you'll realize there's no reason to be fearful. Cautious? Yeah, go for it, be cautious. Like in any city you don't know anything about, go in pairs or groups, stay in well lit areas, and hang around where you see other people that speak english, etc.
Know where you're at in the city, take a map with you from the hotel gift shop, take a hotel business card so that you have the hotel's phone number etc etc, all these are good preventative measures. Just don't fall for the BS on tv though. I hope this helps, if it does, I'd apreciate the ten points, thanks!
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How Do You Insure Your Safety When Traveling To Mexico?

Postby Percy » Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:18 am

take a gun.
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How Do You Insure Your Safety When Traveling To Mexico?

Postby esaw » Sun Oct 08, 2017 1:44 pm

I Love Puerto Vallarta!! Basically......all you have to do is DONT LOOK like a tourist, carry only the sufficient amount of pesos needed for that night, dont wear anything flashy like gold watch, etc.
Act as if you have been there plenty of times before. If you dont speak spanish at all or very little, try to get information about places to visit, eat, etc at the hotel..as most people working here speak english. Other then that........There's usually more foreigners in Puerto Vallarta then locals at the beach resorts, so you should fit right in. Believe me you will have tons of fun!! The night life there is great!!
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How Do You Insure Your Safety When Traveling To Mexico?

Postby Ewald » Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:21 pm

Ordinary tourists are almost never the victims of kidnapping, because you can't be ransomed. Leave the resort at least once?? Why bother to go, then? You should thoroughly explore the "town." If you stay away from the locals, you will miss all the beauty and wonderful cuisine of Mexico and you might as well not even go there. Just take the ordinary precautions you would take in any big city and you will be fine. And don't be xenophobic or you will never enjoy traveling.
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How Do You Insure Your Safety When Traveling To Mexico?

Postby Hrocesburh » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:39 pm

i wouldn't do anything different than what i do at home...safety is a concern 24/7, no matter where u r
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How Do You Insure Your Safety When Traveling To Mexico?

Postby Rodd » Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:10 am

do it here
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How Do You Insure Your Safety When Traveling To Mexico?

Postby Hartun » Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:52 am

If it did, i do no longer think of the U. S. might enable it to import. i think of if it exceeded US standards and you're no longer paying for it from a supplier in Mx, say you're paying for it from a keep contained in the U. S., you're stable to flow. i might choose to characteristic that I grew up in a border city and Mexican goodies are extra standard than American goodies... we've all eaten them and no-one has died b/c of the lead poisoning. Heck, I used to sell the chili lollipops as a newborn for a funky 25 cents.. hehe. yet, lower back, becoming up in a city suited around the corner to Mexico, the place those goodies are ate up continuously, i've got yet to pay attention of all of us transforming into ill or dying from lead poisoning.
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