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How Do I File For Chapter 7 If I Am Disabled At Home?

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How Do I File For Chapter 7 If I Am Disabled At Home?

Postby Waescburne » Sun Feb 08, 2015 4:29 pm

One should never file for bankruptcy unless the owe over $65,000 and most of it is medical bills (but I'd be asking why Medicare or Medicaid or the combination of them both didn't pay your bills or part of them).
Some things don't get cancelled out in a bankruptcy.
There are bankruptcy attorneys who do come to the home if you're bedridden, but otherwise they could do business by phone.
Usually if a person has income then because of a law that came into effect about 7 years ago the judge will switch a chapter 7 to a chapter 13 and send you to mediation.
Perhaps your better bet would be CredAbility (it's on the internet and used to be called Consumer Credit Counseling) and you can fill out your information online and ask for a phone appointment if you're bedridden.
For others who can make it out of the house the county usually has handicapped transportation (we have 2 companies here that do that).
This CredAbility attempts to cut off some interest and then according to your income/benefits makes payments to your creditors for you.
This CredAbility is a government program.
It would be best if you listed all your creditors, their addresses and phone numbers and your contact there if any, the account numbers, the amounts you owe (with an as of date), percentages they charge, your late fees incurred, etc.
Also list your assets (like car, house, bank account, insurance, benefits, income from job, IRA, all of it since you'd have to swear to it in court), and same with them as to the name, address, phone, contact there, account number...and list anything that's in two names.
You'd have to list your clothing as cents on the dollar.
It's going to ask things like past addresses too.
There are forms on the internet or you can call your attorney and ask for the forms, or you can call the federal bankruptcy court and ask for the forms.
Used to cost $15 so be ready with a credit card.
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How Do I File For Chapter 7 If I Am Disabled At Home?

Postby Whelan » Mon Feb 09, 2015 12:07 am

hire an attorney who can come to your house to help you get everything together that you will need
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How Do I File For Chapter 7 If I Am Disabled At Home?

Postby Zacchaeus » Mon Feb 09, 2015 1:47 pm

i am doubtful about that info about not filing for bankruptcy unless you owe more than 65,000.....what are people whose incomes don't meet their monthly expenses (because they have become disabled) supposed to do? if they had been renting, they would be homeless long before they owe 65,000 in rent, utilities, and other debts.....and oh, yeah. medical bills..

there are many reasons why a person files for bankruptcy besides medical bills...

1 person I know had a legal issue--and it was the legal fees

another was just a whiny b-i----h who thought she was too good for minimum wage jobs---but had to have a brand new car---she couldn't pay her mortgage, car payments, credit card bills..very little of her debt was medical
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