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How to extend my stay in Canada passed 6 months?

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How to extend my stay in Canada passed 6 months?

Postby nosh » Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:06 pm

I'm taking a course on self expression which ends November 19. Unfotunately, I'm only allowed in Canada until October 28th.

How do I go about getting an extension on my visitation in Canada? If I go back November 19th without telling the immigration department, will I get into trouble or will they try to keep me out in the future? Thanks for any help.
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How to extend my stay in Canada passed 6 months?

Postby stok71 » Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:13 pm

I would contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada and merely ask first. Consider that it is only for 20 days, they may just put a note on your passport and not require you to go through applying for a visa. If not, information for applying for a temporary residency (tourist) visa is on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada web-site. If you have already been in Canada for six months as a tourist, they will probably want a fairly compelling reason.

It is illegal to take any course in Canada of six months or more in length without a study permit. If your course is 6 months or more, then they'll reject the application for that reason. Otherwise, include proof that you are enrolled in the course and it will likely go through fairly quickly. They may require proof of finances, a medical exam, travel medical insurance, etc. but probably not considering it is only for an months. Don't try asking for 3+ months as they'll usually get fairly serious on that.

Canada and the US share passport border scanning information -- and all airlines provide passport numbers. If they don't see you leave by October 28th, your record will be automatically marked as an "overstay". Nothing will happen when you leave. However, the next time you enter Canada, border services will see the "overstay" notice and you'll likely be questioned.

The 180 day rule isn't absolute. Border Services has some discretion. A few days over, likely won't draw much attention. It is also not 100% accurate -- multiple passports, leave via third country, someone forgot to scan a passport, etc. 20+ days is probably pushing it and they will likely be suspicious of illegal worker, significant other, etc. If you come back in two years, they probably won't care. If you are back in six months... they'll likely has some serious questions about your need to visit Canada so much and it is iffy if they won't start asking for you to apply for a temporary residency visa or NEXUS pass to ensure CIC reviews your case.
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How to extend my stay in Canada passed 6 months?

Postby avryll » Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:17 pm

Marry a Canadian??
Get one of them visa thingies?
Just stay there illegally without getting caught.

Sing a song..... hey, I just met you and this is crazy but i'm in Canada, someone save me?
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