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How Does Traffic Violation Relate To Insurance?

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How Does Traffic Violation Relate To Insurance?

Postby Roni » Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:39 am

Sorry that I am asking this again.

But I just found out that my name is not on my father's policy.

(My father didn't put my name because I have been living in other place.)

(Still, the address on my license says I live in his house.)

I got speed ticket while driving my dad?s car.

(I was driving 40 to 45 at 30-mile zone, but was ticketed for driving 53 MPH.)

This is 6 points, but pple say that if I plead not guilty, the prosecutor will likely reduce points a little.

Will the points affect my father?s insurance premium?

I don?t own any car and I rarely use his car, because I use public transportation.

I don?t want to put up with my dad?s complaints, and so I?m not gonna tell him about this.

This is my first traffic ticket in my life.

Any advice about what I can do at this point will be so appreciated.
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How Does Traffic Violation Relate To Insurance?

Postby Booth » Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:22 am

Most of the time your dad's insurance company will not find out until you do this twice. Definitely ask for less or no points in leu of taking a defensive driving course. Since this is your first ticket anyway, the judge will reduce the number of points and tell you to pay a fine. Don't say anything about the fact that insurance is under your dad's name unless they ask you.
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