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How Do I Deal With Living In Poverty As A Young Adult?

Unemployment Insurance and Employment Discussion

How Do I Deal With Living In Poverty As A Young Adult?

Postby devisser » Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:20 pm

I'm 19 and currently employed at Six Flags but I make little to nothing at that job. I've considered taking a second job but the conflict of hours is a problem that isn't fixable without leaving my current job. I live with my boyfriend who is also 19 and is unemployed but very actively looking. He takes the car and stays out all day going door to door filling out applications and following up, but hasn't had any luck in the last few weeks. We both get kicked out of his house on May1st with no possibility of extending our time to find a place to live. We've found a place but have sold almost everything we own just to put a down payment on the apartment. Even still we may not even get approved because we don't make enough money. We have a 6 month old dog we love and care for and two drivable cars, only one has gas. Now with time running out and no way for us to pay for a place to live, we are running out of options. The money I make at my job is barely enough, sometimes not enough, to cover my car and insurance payments monthly. Taking into consideration gas, grocery, and other misc expenses, I rarely even have enough money to be able to eat a meal of crackers/bread and water daily or weekly. Since I am not married and have no children, I don't qualify for ANY federal or state financial aid. I'm not a student anymore because I have to work every hour I can just to survive. Time is not on my side as I said I have to move by the end of the month. I don't know what to do anymore. I can't afford my car payment and my car goes away. No car means no way to get to work. No work means no money. No money means no survival. Neither mine or his parents will help us in any way. I've resigned myself to believing that when the month ends, I will either be on the street or in my car until it gets taken from me. My other thought was to just end my life because I know I won't be able to get out of my situation without some kind of financial aid and I know I won't get that from anywhere. All I'm asking is for some advice. Maybe there was an option I haven't considered or haven't seen yet. If anyone knows how I could quickly get out of my poverty situation please let me know what I can do. I feel that I'm doing all I can to make money but it just isn't enough and never will be. Besides selling my body illegally or selling drugs...I don't know what I can do.
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How Do I Deal With Living In Poverty As A Young Adult?

Postby Jori » Mon Oct 02, 2017 12:11 am

Just suck it up and deal with it like the rest of us.
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How Do I Deal With Living In Poverty As A Young Adult?

Postby Tallon » Mon Oct 02, 2017 3:28 am

In this situation you may want to consider making compromises in your standard of living, or relocating to a different area where you can be employed for a higher wage.

First, sell the car that has the highest monthly payments or highest insurance, if you cant afford to drive it then why make payments on it.

Second, unemployment, your boyfriend should have already filed it and it should help. Employers often take their time reviewing resumes and applications so it could be several more weeks before he gets an interview.

Third, the dog. I know you love your dog, but consider what kind of life it will have with you, you may want to get rid of it, it will be better for the dog.

Fourth, the living situation. Instead of trying to get your own apartment you may want to consider renting a room from someone.

Fifth, aid (financial and otherwise), even though you may not qualify for government aid you can still approach charitable organizations, such as churches (even if you aren't christian), food banks, or even the salvation army.

Even if you still end up out on the street there are organizations that will help you find a place to stay, places like the YMCA or YWCA help people in that situation all the time.

Also, consider something out of the box, like job corps, or peace corps, or even the dread option of joining the military (it's not so bad), or coast guard. Your college credits may even help you get a pay increase if you join the military
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How Do I Deal With Living In Poverty As A Young Adult?

Postby Hosea » Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:17 am

Have you looked into food stamps? I'm pretty sure anyone can get them as long as they have the financial need. I have a friend who lives with a roommate and he makes little enough to be able to receive them. Both you and your boyfriend can apply.

Of course, they don't give much, only a few hundred per month, but they will help lessen the load from your food expenses. From what I've seen, if you have all the proper paperwork, you can receive them the same day.

Another thing that helps is getting a roommate that helps pay expenses around the apartment/house.

Good luck.
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