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How Can I Get My Motorcycle Without My Parents Finding Out?

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How Can I Get My Motorcycle Without My Parents Finding Out?

Postby Merlion » Fri Sep 22, 2017 4:59 am

What it boils down to is their house, their rules.
If you are financially dependent on your parents, then you should respect their opinion about owning a motorcycle.
My parents were very much against my buying a motorcycle, and while I lived with them ( and they were paying for college) I did not buy a bike.
When my parents no longer supported me financially, I was still in college and decided to buy a motorcycle (which I had wanted to do all my life).
I took the MSF course, bought an inexpensive and reliable motorcycle (shadow 600) and all of the safety gear necessary for ATGATT.
Keep in mind I was working 2 jobs, and full time student, paying all my own bills (rent, phone, insurance, etc).
I then explained how riding made me happy, was practical for commuting most days, and my methodology was affordable.
My mom still dislikes my riding, but has grown to accept it as a part of my life, and a part that has allowed me to meet the love of my life.
My father respected my responsible approach and although he does not ride, supports me in doing so.

My point is, hiding the truth from your parents and loved ones backfires almost every time.
On your own dime take the MSF course, and save enough money to buy a bike, quality helmet, and jacket.
Also consider having enough money for your first year of insurance saved, then approach your parents again about owning a motorcycle.
You may find that a responsible approach is the most effective in gathering support for your riding.
If your parents are still reluctant, then simply bide your time until you are financially able to live on your own and then you can do as you please.

I also recommend avoiding sport style motorcycles, like a cbr600, gsxr, r6, etc.
These bikes are extremely expensive to own and will not help your case, as many young men get seriously injured by riding these race machines long before the are capable of doing so safely.

Just food for thought from someone who was in your situation.
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How Can I Get My Motorcycle Without My Parents Finding Out?

Postby Freddie » Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:07 pm

As an introduction, I'm nearly old enough to be your grandfather at age 59.

I'm possibly older than your parents.

As a minor under the age of 18, I had strict parents who guided me to adulthood.

They however, did not rule over or dictate my every move or decision as I was growing up.

They prepared me for being an adult as any parent should do, allowing me to make my own mistakes.

This works as a responsible method of parenting regardless of race or nationality.

I want you to know that I am trying to be respectful of your family circumstance.

I think it's irrelevant that your parents are from the old soviet union.

Times are different now I do know. I see it and live it every day.

It's not easy to overlook your claim of being 20 years old.

Although I'm not your parent, I may talk to you as I do my own son, who is 35 years of age.

His older brother, my eldest, now deceased, would be 38 years old.

I've had four children total, so I understand parenting and remember being parented myself.

At your age I was already living on my own, paying for life insurance, car insurance,

making car payments, paying rent, going to work and being there on time every week.

I was also preparing in my mind and my actions for the demands of being a new father some day.

This is the life I chose for myself, and my parents were only there for the same support and love they always offered.

As I highly respect my parents throughout my daily adult life, I'm always asking for their advise, yet I still call the shots and claim my own path as I try to incorporate the wisdom of their years.

I can't direct you on how to hide a motorcycle purchase from your parents.

I can encourage you to "find yourself" and the "strength within."

Go beyond the realm of "being parented" and begin living in a land of "self-sufficiency."

Live in the land of independence, leaving behind any guilt you may carry about abandoning your parents.

Respect and incorporate their parental advise when you can, yet live for yourself and choose your own future, making your own decisions along the way.

Remember, you do have the power and free-will to make an independent choice.

The adult choice.

Best Regards & Good Luck With Your Future And Motorcycle Dream!
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How Can I Get My Motorcycle Without My Parents Finding Out?

Postby emmet11 » Sat Sep 23, 2017 5:59 am

If you get a ticket or have a crash on the bike, that will show up on your auto insurance as well. Any claims through your motorcycle insurance will show up when your auto insurance does a CLUE report. Other than that there really wouldn't be a way for them to know. Although I would recommend you tell your parents. You're not a child anymore, don't act like one. They'll respect you more for being honest and coming to them than acting like a little kid and trying to hide things from them. And besides, if god forbid something tragic did happen to you while on the bike, would you really want that to be the way they found out about it?
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How Can I Get My Motorcycle Without My Parents Finding Out?

Postby Slaton » Sat Sep 23, 2017 9:40 pm

Your 1st step must be to dig a giant hole in your backyard.
This will give you a place to hide your new ride without them seeing it.
Next, set fire to the mailbox so that no mail from the DMV will reach the house.
If necessary, you may need to get the mail stopped by contacting your local post office.
I suggest sending your parents on a surprise cruise to Boca and but the motorcycle when their gone.
But you may prefer Fiji or maybe Hawaii.
Then just hope for the best!
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How Can I Get My Motorcycle Without My Parents Finding Out?

Postby Dacey » Mon Sep 25, 2017 5:43 am

Im going to go easy on you for living ar home still as long as your going to college and not being some waste case stoner laying around the basement waiting for a job to come to you. I will tell you that your parents spent years raising you and wiping your stinky butt for years and did a lot of things out of love for you and this is the best you can do? try to be deceitful behind their back over something so dumb? get a clue ace because your not that good. If your parents don't see you some of your parents friends will and then your screwed. Let it go be a man respect their wishes while living in their house eating their food under their roof.

You do not have to worry that time is passing you by, guys still ride into their 60s and 70s no problem. so get over it. you still have 50 good years left any way. wait until your on your own. and yes the insurance and the dmv paperwork come to your house so that's just one more thing to flip your parents into being scared for your safety. I suggest you learn how to ride dirt bikes first before anything else approach your parents about that first. You will need a pick up to transport one buy its a lot sager learning on a dirt bike at low speed relatively speaking than jumping onto a freeway on a street bike your first time riding and trying not to get killed. While dirt and sand and gravel and mud can be a pain for sure wiping out with a lot of protection on is going to teach you just how bad a crash can be on the street with 40 ton trucks and multi ton cars can be a whole lot worse than a dirt bike crash. Its a learning process a small 125 is plenty fast enough to get you in a world of trouble when your new off road and as you lean to go faster you find out what works and does not work because the whole idea is to have fun. Not be riding around town lurking and hoping no one you know tells your parents. stand up and do it like a man wait until its time to leave the homestead and then do your thing. I told my parents about buying my bike they were not all that happy about it but the strange thing was I ran into them near a coastal town 60 miles from home one day on a busy highway at a busy time it was amazing the timing it took for that to happen I looked in the mirror and there they were they spotted me even with the helmet and black biker jacket no problem even though they had never seen the bike or the gear. so go figure
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How Can I Get My Motorcycle Without My Parents Finding Out?

Postby eugene » Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:42 am

Although I don't condone lying to your parents because eventually they will find out - they're not nearly as stupid as you think they are - I will suggest that you give the DMV and insurance company a post office box as a mailing address. You will still have to give them your physical address but you can state that you cannot receive mail there, hence the post office box. Just make sure you don't use the same insurance company as the parental units or you'll get caught.

Hiding the bike from your parents is something you'll have to figure out for yourself.

EDIT* - You would have to change your drivers license address to match the bike registration, unless you live in a state that allows you to live at one address and register at another. I know you can do it in New York, because I used to live there, but I don't know about elsewhere.
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How Can I Get My Motorcycle Without My Parents Finding Out?

Postby Jayna » Thu Sep 28, 2017 3:38 am

If your driver's license shows your home address, then anything from the DMV (registration renewal, title) will come to that address. The insurance company will also mail bills and notices to your home, unless you give them an alternative mailing address such as a post office box.

At 20 years old, you are a legal adult, but apparently you are not able to support yourself on your own and are living with your parents. If you want to try to get a motorcycle, you would need a place to keep it, and also a place to store the helmet and other riding gear. This means that you will need to rent a storage area, and unless this is a distance from your home, the odds are your parents will see you riding.

It is time to stand up and be an adult. Either accept your parent's control, or decide to stand on your own two feet and tell them that you are buying a bike.
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How Can I Get My Motorcycle Without My Parents Finding Out?

Postby Aeary » Thu Sep 28, 2017 5:40 pm

Hide Motorcycle
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How Can I Get My Motorcycle Without My Parents Finding Out?

Postby Marcell » Sun Oct 01, 2017 12:50 pm

Move house, got a girl friend well then what ya waiting for, go man go.
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How Can I Get My Motorcycle Without My Parents Finding Out?

Postby deaglan » Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:12 am

Dude, You're 20, Move out and act like an adult...
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