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How Can I Find Someone If All I Have Is A Picture?

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How Can I Find Someone If All I Have Is A Picture?

Postby Kian » Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:55 pm

I recently met someone in a dating web site. We exchange phone numbers and some pictures. We talked for almost 2 months every Day. It was great, different and refreshing getting to know this wonderful person without been rushed. We finally set up a date and when I showed up a stranger approached me and started talking to me. Soon after I realized this was my date. I found out this person had lied about everything. The pictures, the name, who he was, and his life was all made up. But he had the nerve to show up in hopes I would forgive and forget and in an hour catch up to who he really was. This was a really sick and heartless thing to do and I was not going to continue talking to this stranger. Before I left I asked whos picture was it and he said a picture he got from the same website but someone from Florida. I want to find this person in the picture. Does anyone knows if is possible to find someone online with just a picture and how?
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How Can I Find Someone If All I Have Is A Picture?

Postby Fermin » Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:15 am

If you are in UK or you expect the women is from UK, you can get help.


> There is a criminal detectives, they dont take money from you until they find the person.

> I personally advise punish such scam/frauds because they are doing silently cheating/crime and there is no law catching and stoping them

(i was personally victim with false love, but i forgave her, although i lost lot of money and she never even meet with me)

> Those detectives will require from you picture and many information's as much as you can give them, then they spy on her with there ability and they may catch the scammer

Please stop scam/frauds together by helping and supporting (it may take someone else life, like mine i was almost about to suicide, so much heart break she did on me, for her i lost the word call **trust** )
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How Can I Find Someone If All I Have Is A Picture?

Postby Ogden » Tue Oct 10, 2017 7:59 am

put the picture through google images

it will show you everywhere else the image appears on the net

including facebook etc

hopefully you will find where this person took it from and who it is

its really easy to do
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