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Hit A Pedestrian With My Car....?

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Hit A Pedestrian With My Car....?

Postby Weallere » Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:17 am

Okay I was at the gym it was like 4:50am, I went to leave and as I was pulling through a parking space to leave and I hit a woman who was walking through the spaces not beside them like behind cars, I was going like 4 mph and I stopped as soon as I realized it and jumped out she seemed fine she was just enraged and wanted me to call the cops which I did. She then walked to her car (At the very end of the parking lot) to get out of the pouring rain. Cop comes and just files a private property accident report, ok so now details it was obviously dark, pouring rain the parking lot has lights every maybe 50 feet but not enough to help that much in the rain, She was dressed in all black, shoes, pants and hoodie with the hood up looking at the ground so I saw nothing as she blended in with the wet blacktop. I wasnt cited or anything nor was she I have "full coverage" and all that and she told the officer she isnt injured but I am paranoid and I am curious am I at fault in the scenario I gave and is listed on the report? If she decides to go to an ER for X-rays and such will she try to sue me directly or contact my insurance does she get to choose which of those she does? This is in Ohio by the way, Thanks for your help.
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Hit A Pedestrian With My Car....?

Postby Scolaighe » Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:37 am

yes the chances are slim but it has happened. the case will almost certainly go to court, lawyers sniffing out money will always try to sue a large company. If the engineer did anything that the lawyer can convince a jury was the least bit wrong, the RR can lose it;'s suit and to protect themselves the railroad can sometimes descipline the engineer, not the conductor, he had nothign to do with it. I heard of an engineer losing a lawsuit for blowing our standard whistle sequence, two longs, a short and a long. The lawyer found in the rule book that in the case of imminent emergency a series of short blasts should be sounded, he convinced a jury that the engineer should have been sounding the series of short blasts instead of the signal sequence we have always been required to sound. The fact that the whistle was being blown was never even in question, just the sequence of sounds, as if that would have made any difference to a driver with his head locked in a cranial/rectum inversion.
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