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History Help!!! Please!?

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History Help!!! Please!?

Postby Sugyn » Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:02 am

Which of the following did new deal programs fail to address?

A. protection of domestic workers

B. low prices for agriculture

C. the decline of industrial prices

D. native americans' need for schools, hospitals, and irrigation systems

Why did FDR cut back on expensive relief programs in 1937?

A. he had lost faith in government programs

B. he was worried about the rising national debt

C. he wanted to put the money into weapons programs instead

D. he wanted to lower the social security tax

Which of the following was part of the new deal legacy

A. guaranteed health insurance for all citizens

B. an end to recessions in the economy

C. a restored sense of hope among the people

D. an end to discrimination against african americans and women
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