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High blood pressure, Cholesterol and being overweight and pregnant?

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High blood pressure, Cholesterol and being overweight and pregnant?

Postby diederich61 » Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:06 pm

I just found out that I'm pregnant last night and this morning with a second test. I will be honest and say it wasn't planned. I went to the ER the first week of October for another health issue and told them I was late on my period so they did a test and it came back negative. They found out I had inflammation on my cervix or ovaries ( Cant remember) so I took medication the week and 2nd weeks after the hospital visit for the inflammation, and I learned that inflammation on the cervix can prevent pregnancy (Probably why I haven't been getting pregnant for all the times I had unprotected sex. I was once again late in November and two-three weeks ago started feeling breast tenderness and decided to take a test. I've been late a lot of times and thought nothing of it.

The real question is that I have high blood pressure, Cholesterol and I've been overweight (obese) I guess for years, I just got health insurance not too long ago so I'm in the process of getting my shots up to date and getting my health into shape. The thing is that I do plan on getting pregnant but I want to have a planned pregnancy where I take the right actions from day one to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy child. I have heard that being unhealthy can resort to an unhealthy baby and that is something I don't want. I also had some wine on thanksgiving, plus have been around smokers and taking medication that I have read is a risk if you're pregnant.

I want to get an adoption, I want to be prepared next time and I've noticed I messed up a bit. My fiance doesn't want me to get an abortion ( I guess hes just so stubborn) but I keep telling him that my health issues are a risk, I plan on getting an abortion behind his back (because I want a healthy baby!) but since I'm the type of person that always feels guilty, I don't know how I'm going to act around him or tell him what happened if the two test I took came out positive and now there is nothing. Should I get the abortion and know that by doing this I am preventing the baby on being unhealthy or myself getting worse because I heard woman who are obese and get pregnant can get diabetes while pregnant. and I will never tell my fiance I got the abortion.

Thanks so much guys.
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High blood pressure, Cholesterol and being overweight and pregnant?

Postby adiv » Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:07 pm

You could still have a healthy baby with your health issues the hospital will just monitor you more closely. Tbh this is quite a hard subject so I can see why its so hard for you. You should think through all your options properly because you don't want to do something you will regret. If I was you id talk to the doctor about all of your concerns because they will be able to help you more than people on here. I am classed as obece and I am 38 weeks pregnant now and all my diabeties tests came back normal. And if you get an abortion and your husband finds out what will happen then? You need to talk to him too because a secret like that will eat you up inside and could cause problems in your marriage. I hope everything goes well for you x
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High blood pressure, Cholesterol and being overweight and pregnant?

Postby hrafn59 » Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:11 pm

Before u go ahead and get an abortion I would like to tell u my story. I was obese with my first pregnancy (110kgs) I had high blood pressure throughout my pregnancy as well as traces of protein on my urine which can lead to pre eclampsia. I never actually got pre eclampsia at all throughout my pregnancy. Other than this I had an easy pregnancy with no complications. My bub was ok average size throughout my pregnancy. I ate healthy and went for a walk every morning. I was induced at 41 weeks 3 days pregnant as bub was over due. I ended up ahaving. A c section because bub didn't want to come out. I gave birth to a healthy boy weighing 7lbs 9oz. It might not all be as bad as u think. Good luck with your decision
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