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Help With Trying To Go College And Financial Aid For A Career Change For A Single Mother Of 2 Children?

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Help With Trying To Go College And Financial Aid For A Career Change For A Single Mother Of 2 Children?

Postby Faxon » Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:50 am

I am a 39yr old registered dental assistant in the state of Tennessee. I was recently laid off in March and have been getting unemployment for the time being. I am the parent of a 2yr old and a 16yr old. I need to keep a home for us and my current car. The job market is pretty much saturated with new dental assistant graduates. Most practices want new and fresh out of school assistants that they can mold into the perfect assistant for their practice and not a seasoned assistant of 7 yrs like I me. they just assume that there isn't any ( and I know this isn't a real word but... " teachability " in an older assistant. I have all kinds of certifications and qualifications under my belt such as Coronal Polishing, Sealant Application, EKG monitoring, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Assistant, Radiology

Phlebotomy / Intravenous Sedation,CPR Certified,and Nitrous Oxide Monitoring, but all that can be both good and bad because the last place I sent my resume to said that I had too many qualifications and did not want to approach me because they were sure that my salary requirements would probably be way more than they were willing to pay. And the only way that I know that info is that I sent a resume to a practice that one of the student that I trained and she was there when they pulled my resume off the fax machine. She didn't want them to know that she knew me because she had just gotten hired there and therefore didn't want to seem like she was trying to pull strings. But the point I'm making is if that was what they thought of my resume, then I can just imagine what the rest of the offices I sent the resume is thinking. Also in Memphis (although I have looked and there are not many of them available but ...) the minimum wage jobs will not get me anything close to what I need to support my family and definitely will not cove the cost of childcare or health insurance. To be blunt, I would just be working to pay for the childcare itself. In any case, I have always wanted to go back school but never had the nerve or the time. Since I am laid off and unemployment is covering almost half of my expenses, I feel like this is the best time to do so. When I went to Dental assisting school, it was a quick fix for when I was laid off from a warehouse job 8 yrs ago but now I need to do something real that has the potential to make some real money! I have been told that if I go to a 2 or 4 yr college there is a possibility that I can get financial aid and still get unemployment. I was also told that some loans or grants ( I don't know which ) but they have said you sometimes can apply for more that you need to offset the cost of maintaining a place to stay. Not to get too personal but my rent is $700 a month and I have a car note of $450. a month and not to mention car insurance that I cannot drop of $165 a month. I have reluctantly applied and was approved for food stamps and Tenn-care health insurance. I also have my unemployment payments, plus child support and SSI Disability Insurance( that is paid for by my child's father) all together is a total around $1100 a month. Now I'm sure that whatever loans or grants (If there is such a thing as the type I am inquiring about) won't cover all expenses, but anything can help in this situation. If only I could have enough extra to cover the rent or the car note.
I don't have any help and will not have anywhere to go if I loose my place. I have excellent credit but with no employment I am not sure if that would change my outcome. What is the process for applying for these types of loans and is there help for single mother in the state of Tennessee? I need help soon. I only have enough money to live off of for the next 3 and a half months or so.. I need an outlet fast. Please help with any suggestions that you may have. Thank you!
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Help With Trying To Go College And Financial Aid For A Career Change For A Single Mother Of 2 Children?

Postby Lon » Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:15 pm

You seem to have the opposite problem as me. I have certifications as a CNA/HHA and nobody will hire me because I don't have ENOUGH experience! I too am in school, I got the FAFSA grant from the fed and PELL grant through the state. Also, if you work hard to get good grades, most schools give a scholarship. Then of course there are student loans.

There is a program right now in North Dakota through Trinity Hospital in which they will help you receive your RN degree, if you want to make the move to there.

I totally know what you're going through. I was laid off from my job and that's when I decided to make the career change too. My kids are 3, 1 (nearly two) and 6 months old. It is HARD to do it alone. But with all the help you're getting (WAY more than I receive), you CAN make it! Good luck to you!
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